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Brand X is considered a leader in the art of re-purposing underutilised space into vibrant cultural resources – places that provide independent artists with opportunities, inspiration and most importantly, the space to create. But these types of activations take time, energy and money. And we need your help.

Please consider supporting us to grow our capacity to activate space for the arts by donating to the Brand X Donations Fund. All gifts are tax deductible.

Space activation not only gives a place where artists can develop their craft, but has a flow on effect for local communities, business and general livability – revitalising neighbourhoods with cultural expression that celebrates and challenges our sense of identity, place and purpose.

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Why Donate?

Sydney is teaming with independent artists. They create theatre, dance, events, art, music, publications, media, craft and much more. Their work enlivens the city, yet they have no place to create, often forced to work in their kitchens, in their sheds, in cafes, parks and whatever space they can find and afford.

The current cultural climate for the independent arts community in Sydney is one of sparse resources, where artists frequently experience a lack of appropriate and affordable space to develop their creative ideas. This ultimately had a detrimental effect on the viability and development of independent arts practice in Australia’s most vibrant city.

Yet Sydney has a history of Artist Run Initiatives where artists form collaborations and take on commercial leases to create studios from where they can work. But as commercial rents continue to rise and arts funding drops, artists have been forced out of the city to take up cheaper rents in outer regions of Sydney or move interstate.

Meaning that Sydney then experiences a lack of creative diversity.

This lack of space has been a major concern for the Australia Council for the Arts, ArtsNSW and more recently the City of Sydney. Intensive research has been undertaken to better understand this crucial issue and its effect on the growth of contemporary arts practice. The research suggested that without the appropriate space to develop work, artistic activity and invention becomes non-existent, having a crippling effect on the overall cultural fabric of the community.

So what kind of Sydney would you like to see? Public art, poetry readings, art classes, live music, pop-up exhibitions, challenging theatre, a strong dance sector, engaging contemporary performance? These endeavors just don’t appear if there is no space in which to create them.

Brand X is a direct response to the above issues by providing vital creative development time and space. Our objective is to afford independent artists the opportunity to take risks, innovate and to create sustainable arts practises while being supported administratively and creatively through our organisation.

Without creative development support, artists cannot invest in new ideas and therefore further their creative capacities. Creative communities emerge out of the opportunity to articulate identity, diversity and the aspirations of both the individual and the broader community. Therefore, with this provision, we believe all members of the community will benefit from “space to create”.

Your donation to Brand X will build our capacity to deliver a full range of resources to Sydney’s independent arts community.

  • Your donation allows artists to work, develop and take risks with their practise.
  • Your donation empowers us to give the gift of space to independent artists.
  • Your donation will change the face of Sydney’s culture scene.
  • Your donation is 100% tax deductible.
  • Your donation is governed by a separate committee made up of responsible persons of the community who manage and account for how the funds are to be spent and reports to the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission.

We commit to you that every dollar donated to this fund will be spent in pursuit of advancing the creative capacities of Sydney’s independent artists which in turn enriches the cultural capital of the entire community. Every dollar counts. Please donate.

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