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Amen to that - and ALL OF THAT!!!! Could this be evidence that SYDNEY IS CHANGING FOR THE BETTER?!?!?

Portfolio Committee No.6 - Planning and Environment inquire into and report on the music and arts economy in New South Wales. LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL

Recommendation 1: That the Premier appoint a Minister for Music, the Arts and Culture in place of the Minister for the Arts, or appoint a Minister for Music in addition to the Minister for the Arts.

Recommendation 2: That Create NSW employ at least one senior ongoing full-time contemporary music specialist, and that this role be responsible for consulting with industry and administering funding for contemporary music programs.

Recommendation 3: That the NSW Government, through Create NSW, fund MusicNSW to establish a Music Development Office.

Recommendation 4: That Create NSW immediately complete and release its strategic plan for contemporary music.

Recommendation 7: That the NSW Government match funding, per capita, for contemporary music with that of the Victorian Government over the next four years.

Recommendation 16: That the NSW Department of Planning and Environment investigate the viability of identifying New South Wales live music venues as 'assets of community value', similar to the approach taken in London.

Recommendation 21: That the NSW Government develop a community benefit fund, similar to the fund operating in South Australia, that uses the revenue from gaming machines to support the live music industry.

Recommendation 22: That the NSW Government, in consultation with local government, identify existing rehearsal spaces in Sydney and develop a program of grants via local government to increase the accessibility
of those spaces for musicians either through rental subsidies or the expansion of rehearsal spaces.

Recommendation 23: That the Cultural Infrastructure Program Management Office make 'adaptive reuse and or regeneration' an eligible activity under the guidelines of the Regional Cultural Fund for the next three years and provide funding for upgrades to existing buildings to meet access, fire and safety requirements.

Recommendation 27: That Create NSW support and adopt an industry code of conduct that is developed and endorsed by the Media Entertainment Alliance and the music industry, and that includes an outline of the
minimum hourly rate requirements.

Recommendation 31: That Roads and Maritime Services, in collaboration with local councils, develop a parking permit that allows musicians to stop in loading zones for a set period of time when loading in and out of gigs.

Recommendation 32: That the NSW Department of Education and Training investigate opportunities to give prominence to music education in curriculums, and improve training for music teachers.

Recommendation 35: That the NSW Government introduce a New South Wales variation to the National Construction Code, like that implemented in South Australia, that assesses venues according to retail rather than theatre specifications for the purposes of building compliance under the National Construction

Recommendation 36: That the NSW Government revise definitions in the Standard Instrument –
Principal Local Environmental Plan to provide the greatest level of flexibility to allow cultural activities across all relevant zones.

Recommendation 37: That the NSW Department of Planning and Environment develop guidelines for exempt and complying development and ancillary development that provide clear examples of the type of cultural activity that may take place in a venue, without the need for development consent.

Recommendation 120: That Create NSW engage with local government through the NTE Councils' Committee (NTECC), on how State and Local Government can collaborate to support the development of more music, arts, creative and theatre spaces to grow our cultural infrastructure.

Recommendation 39: That the NSW Department of Planning and Environment investigate adopting a hybrid planning model to reduce land use conflict and support
cultural activities in New South Wales by:
- amending the objects of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to include the protection and promotion of cultural activity, including live music
- adopting an agent of change approach to ensure that
new dwellings within 100 metres of established cultural venues, such as live music venues, are required to have
sound attenuation measures
- supporting the development of planned entertainment precincts.

Recommendation 40: That the NSW Department of Planning and Environment introduce exempt and complying development for low impact entertainment.

Recommendation 43: That the NSW Government review and amend liquor legislation to remove outdated conditions for liquor licences and development applications that place unnecessary restrictions on certain entertainment live music venues, such as prohibiting music genres or specific musical instruments.

Recommendation 48: That Liquor and Gaming NSW and the NSW Department of Planning and Environment collaborate with the music industry to develop an 'Easy to Do Culture' initiative, similar to the 'Easy to Do Business' initiative, pursued by Service NSW, which:
- combines the development consent and licensing requirements for cultural venues,
particularly live music venues.
- establishes a single point of contact,
such as a help desk or online platform, to deliver
case management services for live music venues, including assistance in navigating the planning, building assessment and liquor licensing system, and providing a
collaborative and coordinated process to assist in preparing applications.
- develops an integrated application process for liquor licensing and development
applications that removes duplication in processes
- makes available real time tracking of licensing applications on the appropriate

Recommendation 53: That the NSW Department of Planning and Environment should ensure that the outstanding planning application is determined by the end of 2018.


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This is AWESOME! Now let's make it happen!

James, I hope we can discus all of this over our Xmas get-together....it sounds absolutely fabulous. Let's hope that the "powers that be" have the guts to follow these amazing recommendations through! Dad

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7 days ago

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Time are changing for Sydney... and potentially new venues for performing artists to work in. If endorsed by Council on Monday - the ideas go on exhibition for additional feedback... before becoming the new reality. Good one City of Sydney!

Lord Mayor Clover Moore
We've had a terrific response to our new plan for Sydney's nightlife.

After it goes to Council next Monday, you will be able to review our proposals for 24 hour trading in the CBD, later opening hours for small bars on village main streets, additional trading hours for venues putting on live music or performance, and new late night trading areas, including a 24-hour cultural precinct in Alexandria.

1 week ago

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Fingers crossed I’ve just secured a new board member for Brand X - will find out tomorrow. It’s been an epic journey to find the brave souls up to steer this 14yr old organisation into its new phase. Frightening and exciting to know people want to take it on. At the same time sad - as it marks the end of our enduring executive who have lived through some big scary moments. But who leave (because of their diligence and expertise) an organisation in a far better place than where they found it. Not over yet but want to acknowledge my comrades in making space for artists - John O'Callaghan, Jain Moralee, Catherine Sullivan and Mr Hugh... hats off to you all - forever! ...

2 weeks ago

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ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS - Contact Sheet at the TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards have 4 desks available for Artists' wanting to take their work to the next level. Rent include use of their gallery space for a 2-week exhibition. Spread the word - this opportunity is rarely offered!!!

Contact Sheet
Looking for a co-working space with a difference? Included in your monthly desk fee is the use of the gallery for a 2-week exhibition in 2019 as part of your terms for FREE. We only have 4 spaces for this offer. DM me for further information. Thanks to our supporters Brand X and TWT Property Group we can provide this opportunity. Feel free to share and tag anyone who would be interested in this unique opportunity. Thanks!

4 weeks ago

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Submissions for The Flying Nun by Brand X season 3 program closed today... and we are overwhelmed by the response. We are in awe at the ideas that only the beautiful and the battened Sydney folk could dream up. Thank you for sharing (and filling out yet another form! Again!). The future is bright - if you creatures are making the culture (can I get an Amen?). Stay tuned for their chaos and magic in 2019. ...

Submissions for The Flying Nun by Brand X season 3 program closed today... and we are overwhelmed by the response. We are in awe at the ideas that only the beautiful and the battened Sydney folk could dream up. Thank you for sharing (and filling out yet another form! Again!). The future is bright - if you creatures are making the culture (can I get an Amen?). Stay tuned for their chaos and magic in 2019.
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