Making affordable space for Sydney Artists since 2005

Skill Up

Brand X offers a program of peer-to-peer workshops and sessions for artists to build the practical skills required to work as a freelance multidisciplinary professional.


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We offer professional rehearsal space facilities in Darlinghurst and St Leonards for theatre, dance, music, and film practitioners at affordable rates when using your Artist Pass.


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Buy Art

The ProtoSHOP is a treasure chest of limited edition curiosities made by local artists and an opportunity to purchase a truly unique, one-of-a-kind artwork or gift for someone special.


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Come and be the first audience to witness new performance work fresh out of the rehearsal room and by doing so, support Independent Artists to propel their work on to stages across Sydney.



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Current Programs

  • Site-responsive performance residency

    Brand X invite artists with experience in self-devised, site-specific performance installation to submit an EOI to our new site-responsive performance residency at The Darlo Bar. Applications close midnight Thursday 11 March. Read more

  • Creative Retail Residencies

    Brand X invite Visual Artists and Designers to apply for seed-funding to assist in the manufacturing of bespoke, fine-grain products and artworks made by local artists. Work will be sold through our on-line gift shop to generate income for the makers. The program aims to invest in new ideas and build new audiences for participating artists. Read more

  • Short Term Empty Property

    The City of Sydney and Brand X match properties available on a temporary basis with short term creative projects including creative working studios, exhibition space, creative retail and temporary office space for project work. Read more

Professional Development

  • Arts Marketing with Laura Milke-Garner (MILKE)

    In this workshop we will crack open the door into the basics of Arts Marketing. This session is designed for artists across all disciplines who self-produce their work and its presentation, and for independent producers and curators who produce work for others. Read more

  • Creating Autobiographical Performance Work with Phil Spencer

    This one-day course will provide a safe, supportive and rigorous environment for writers and performers who are interesting in using autobiographical material to create storytelling shows or solo performance works for the stage. Read more

  • Producing for Performing Arts - Advanced with Laura Milke-Garner (MILKE)

    When it comes to producing a show have you ever wondered– “Am I doing this right? Is there a better way?” then this is the workshop for you. If everything you know about producing and marketing a show up to this point has been self-taught and you feel that you are winging it…guess what? You’re not alone. Read more

Watch Performance On-Demand


    Recording of live performance on 17/10/20 at The Flying Nun, Darlinghurst

    Like a performative lecture on mushrooms, storytelling whilst popping nangs, this new experimental solo performance explores the control we do/don't have over our URL identities in a post-truth world. #trippy #lol #posttruthbaby

    Tickets available for on-demand: $10 Read more

  • LOVE BURNS (on-demand)

    Recording of live performance on 24/10/20 at The Flying Nun, Darlinghurst

    Angela loves Jack. Jack cons Angela. After being swindled out of her life’s savings, Angela blackmails Jack into being with her. Together they hatch a scheme to get rich by killing lonely widows and stealing off with their fortunes. This is a night at the opera you won’t forget!

    Tickets available for on-demand: $10 Read more

  • GHOST SALON (on-demand)

    Recording of live performance on 7/11/20 at The Flying Nun, Darlinghurst

    In the shallowest hour of the night a faint outline appears. They outnumber us. They watch us fret and obsess. But tonight, they strike up the band. Ghost Salon is a lush evening of hilarious and haunting cabaret. A luminous view into those who’ve been left in the dark. Part seance, part confessional, part spectral hooley. All welcome, dead or alive.

    Tickets available for on-demand: $10 Read more

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