The outcome of a 16-hour site-responsive performance residency where 7 artists create 7 shows of 7-minutes in length within 7 hotel rooms above the Darlo Bar in Darlinghurst. Audiences are invited to witness these intimate spectacles created by some of Sydney’s most exciting site-specific contemporary performers in an intimate, promenade-style event.

RECORDED LIVE: 13/04/21 at The Darlo Bar, Darlinghurst


ROOM 201: Eliza Jean Scott is an interdisciplinary performance maker with a curiosity as to how to integrate technology into the theatrical realm and make work that is unafraid to investigate and represent non-binary voices. Eliza is thrilled to be making this work – it’s going to be a wild ride.

ROOM 202: Neven Connolly is a variety act moulded by colourful experiences in circus, burlesque and arguably-unconventional dance productions. His street dance foundation is inspired by contemporary ideas and influenced by comedy, clowning, mime, juggling, creature work and everything else that’s raised his bushy brow.

ROOM 203: Canoe is the chimerical brainchild of interdisciplinary artist Blake Lawrence. They draw on the performative potential of materials - working in entanglement across photography, drag, film, textiles, and ceremony. They are devoted to imagining rites for queer grief amid environmental collapse, responsibility beyond genealogy, absence, residue, and pleasure through it all.

ROOM 207: Laurence Rosier Staines is a writer and director who specialises in things which are not yet real. He is interested in the blurring of fact and fiction, narrativising, human agency and the uncanny, and his immersive and interactive shows regularly feature technology, choice and strange mechanisms. His Petite Suite room show will likely involve doubling.

ROOM 208: SLaK ft Lana Morgan 'SLaK - Person who is a bitch asstrick and annoying as fuck. They get on a ride and won't hop off.' Suz, Lana and Kirsty - 3 previous collaborators in varying stages of grumpy middle age come together for this inaugural outing as SLaK, content to annoy as many people as possible. With a commitment to their intersecting performance making from a wide spectrum of live art theatre disciplines like writing, dancing and speaking academically, dramatically, comedically and poetically, with a hefty dose of all the delightful improvisation arts these worlds have to offer, SLaK steadfastly refuse to hop off.

ROOM 210: Imogen Kelly is a Sydney based performance artist, writer, director, producer known for her disembowelment of Showgirl genres. Hailing from the queer underground, Imogen is notoriously renowned as Australia’s Queen of Burlesque and was officially crowned World Queen of Burlesque in 2012 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, Las Vegas.

ROOM 211: Joel Fenton is a contemporary dance theatre performer, choreographer, educator and producer. He has performed with Shaun Parker & Company, Tasdance, Devize Co and several independent artists. Joel completed his Master of Dance at VCA, focusing on the process of making contemporary dance theatre through his SITCOMS task based improvisation practice.

HOSTED BY Drew Fairley was absurdly trapped on a P&O cruise during the early months of the pandemic. He wrote Actual Cabin Actual Fever, an IGTV series during his ill-fated oceanic adventure. Previously he had worked as a director, writer, singer and more recently a composer/ sound designer both here and abroad.


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