Reading the Signs and Endless Conversations by Sue Jo Wright

Reading the Signs 

In 'Reading the Signs', vintage napkins adorned with Auslan signs in red thread redefine the cafe experience. Each napkin serves as a tool for communication, facilitating interaction and ordering over the counter. As cafe staff learn Australian sign language, these napkins symbolise inclusivity and bridge the gap between deaf and hearing visitors. 
'Reading the Signs' celebrates the significance of small gestures in making a profound difference within the deaf community. It's a testament to the transformative power of accessibility, fostering joy and connection one stitch at a time.

Video Credits: The Story Mill

Endless Conversation

In ‘Endless Conversation’, The tablecloth, once a silent witness to the artist's cherished moments, now emerges with renewed purpose.
Each Auslan sign was meticulously hand-sewn, embodying the essence of 'chatting-hours-all-day/night-over stay-overtime,' perpetually cycling upward towards 'chatting'—a rhythmic motif mirroring the ceaseless dialogue within the deaf community.
In this piece, the fabric becomes a vessel for the enduring exchange of joy and pain, weaving together a narrative of endless conversation.

Video Credits: The Story Mill

About the Artist

Sue Jo Wright is an artist who uses photography, video, and textiles to explore her identity as a Deaf person. She began embracing sign language at age 10 and has since been inspired to create artwork that transcends boundaries and offers a unique glimpse into the Deaf world.
As a community arts advocate since 2019, Sue Jo has been guiding artists on how to make their work more accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences.
Sue Jo's artistic achievements include winning the 2020 Australian Design Centre Award and being a finalist in the Fisher's Ghost Art Awards at Campbelltown Arts Centre for multiple years. In 2017, she was awarded a residency at the Bundanon Trust, a collaboration between Accessible Arts and Bundanon Trust designed to support Deaf and disabled artists.

Website: Sue Jo Wright

Image/Video credits: Sue Jo Wright, Sign of time (2018).

About the space

you’re okay by Brand X is an art activation space in the foyer and front window of the City of Sydney Creative Studios. The space brings contemporary and experimental digital, performance and installation art directly to the busy footpath of Bathurst Street and the daily city commuters. 

Showcasing local, national and the studio's in-residence talent, you're okay offers uncommon and unconventional art to take you out of your everyday.

you're okay is supported by the City of Sydney.   

Foyer opening hours: Monday and Friday: 7am – 3pm.

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The gallery has two spaces: 

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Reading the Signs and Endless Conversations