Sydney's finest experimental artist, Solomon Frank, graces City of Sydney Creative Studios with a fascinating performance as part of Brand X Experimental Artist Residency Program in 2022. Immerse yourself in a world of interesting sounds coming from the most unlikeliest objects. 


Solomon Frank is a queer performer, composer, clarinettist and educator living and working on Cammeraygal land, whose inter-disciplinary practice straddles cross-species musical collaboration, vacuum cleaners and time travel. Solomon receives emails from the future including music and musical instructions written by future humans and entities for him to perform and carry out in the present. These fictional conceits provide a frame for listening, a way of situating art music and making audiences aware of their cultured ears. Solomon’s improvisational practice expands upon the clarinet, replacing parts of the clarinet with other objects, homemade aluminium and plastic reeds, hoses, vacuum cleaners, watering cans and water. Solomon is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Sydney investigating canine-human musical collaboration as a mechanism to question the human uniqueness of music.

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These videos were created by Raul Andres Vallejo Lopez and Doug Walker.