An escape room for idioms
Devised and performed by Haz Lugsdin and Audley Anderson, Sound design by Rowan Yeomans and Jay Bailey, Set design by Georgia Jamieson. 

Something’s wrong. Everything’s right. The time is now, and they did it yesterday. For They and Them, to be read is to be misread, to be seen is to be unseen. In their fierce failure, bodies become less private, minds more muddled, stories less linear. They are forging the non-binary.


Haz Lugsdin, aka Buck Daddy Hattie, is a performance maker driven by authentic audience connection. Despite this, Haz’s work is characterised by gusto, ego, and innuendo.  

Audley Anderson is an actor and performance artist whose work embodies ecological time using the languages of mediated culture, risk, and joy creating works both playful, macabre, and ‘a bit gross'. 

Together, they co-devised, co-produced and co-performed their sold-out show 1010011001: Dude, Where’s My Gender? At Giant Dwarf’s Two Queers Festival. Haz and Audley are driven by exploring how non-binary ways of thinking can be applied to art and performance. Their work hybridises various modes of performance to disassemble rigid performance structures and undermine their conventions. For both of these artists, creating and performing is essential in making sense of themselves and their genders.

Rowan Yeomans is a sound designer working on Biddegal land. They have worked across film, theatre, audio streams, live performance and interactive installation. In their practice, they are drawn exploring where we draw the line between musical sounds and the sounds filtered out as ‘background noise’ by recontextualising found sound through looping, manipulation and synthesis with more musical textures.

  • Friday 23 April @ 8pm
  • Saturday 24 April @ 8pm

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