VibeControl is the work of local artist Annie Winter, who works across clothing, homeware and mixed media. Taking a firm grip on the vernacular, VibeControl manipulates the status quo by taking the words from their mouths and emblazoning them on your chest. Tongue in cheek, and twinkle in eye, VibeControl helps you feel good about what’s happening anyway.

Emilio Frank Design creates conversational pieces for those who love to live colourfully. Shana Danon creates paintings, prints and patterns from her Bondi studio. Inspired by a passion for Mid Century modernism, Shana’s work celebrates form, function and colour with a touch of whimsy, intending to evoke joyful memories and happy spaces.

Zeke’s Lunchbox emerges from the mind of Julia Rich. She is the creator of the Zeke’s Arcana Tarot Deck that is both a tool for personal insight and a rabbit hole into the strange, prismatic and unearthly universe of Zeke’s Lunchbox. She is known for her vibrant paintings, illustration, design and street art that transports you to a brighter and weirder space-age universe.

White Knuckle Fever is Sydney’s only two-piece techno-psycho-blues-a-billy hyper energy assault; leaving cities drenched in sweat across Australia. Celia Curtis (Circus Bizarre) and Ross Johnston (Machine Gun Fellatio) are hotter than Hades, a hit with the ladies and guaranteed to get crowds going crazy!

Creaturisticart uses the exaggerated human form to create ‘creatures’ that depict a personal psychological journey of rebirth and sexuality. In this process of creation, the artist feels closure from past and present anxieties, crossing the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Creatur uses his art as an expression of freedom of the inner self.

Kirsten Frederick fuses kitsch, nostalgia, craft and playful perversity to create woolly delights seemingly straight out of a naughty nanny’s craft box. Her phallic creations and crocheted reinterpretations of male and female genitalia amuse and titillate, even shock with their vibrant colours, outlandish shapes and breathtaking array of sizes.

Lonely Kids Club is an independent clothing brand which ethically produces mental health positive clothing and works towards achieving inclusivity through extensive sizing options, a gender neutral approach to design, and breaking mental health taboos.

The Tit Club is the most inclusive, non-exclusive club in town. Art and creations for body positive, intersectional feminist and equality focused humans. Designed to create a safe community for awareness, education and celebration of everything femme and funky.

Miriam Joan Montgomery is a Sydney based artist working primarily in drawing and painting. Depicting unusual, androgynous human forms adrift and detached, alongside abstract spaces, her work portrays the lulling moments between sleeping and waking, confused and fleeting thoughts, always just out of reach.

Raymond Tuifao Lalotoa is a multi disciplined Samoan artist based in Bondi, Sydney, Australia. Experimenting with all styles including; painting, illustration, design, music, writing, poetry, animation and film, Ray's ultimate goal in life is to keep evolving while creating art which not only makes you think, but brings a smile to peoples lives.

Sharon Williams is an Australian multidisciplinary artist interested in spatial memory, symbolism and the personal sensitivities associated with space, place and time. Her emergent and experimental art practice incorporate Fine Art with traditional feminine art-and-craft skills to create mixed-media artworks, collage and site-specific installations.

Hans Madoery retired in 2009 as a Designer/Architect, and based on his professional experience became an artist, his pen drawings are inspired by the woodcuts of Albrecht Duerer and the complexities of Cornelis Escher's work. Based on Hans's professional experience working on projects that take years to complete, he provides this profound insight, "Patience and discipline make my drawings come alive".

Sofia Fitzpatrick is an Australian artist and a jeweller. Sofia’s work has been featured in books such as ' Rock Star Chic ' and ' Skull Style ' Skull Style features work from over 100 of the most influential artist and designers of today. Rock Star Chic features over 300 of the most cutting edge designers, photographers, stylists.