Anna Laerkesen is a visual artist working across various media to investigate the terrain of placement / re-placement / replacement and the vulnerable body in public space. She has worked professionally in the arts running public and her own arts programs, large scale public art events and theatre both internationally and nationally. Anna Laerkesen’s works suggest narratives that are central to colonising cultures- for example, being lost in the unmapped primal wilderness or questions of origin and sustainability.


Lisa Kotoulas has a strong interest in neuroscience and psychology, expression and gesture as the primary focus of her work. By capturing moments of suspended time, the chance to engage in an exploration of Self, Identity and Truth often presents itself. Creating dimensions where the real and imagined collide, where reality is indistinguishable from the fabricated and where consciousness meets subconsciousness meets unconsciousness are her main objectives. The disorientations of time and space continue to motivate Lisa’s work.


Todd Fuller has exhibited annually with Brenda May Gallery since his debut in 2011 at the age of 23, having graduated from Sydney’s National Art School the previous year. His practice integrates sculpture, animation, drawing, performance and painting to construct narratives drawn from empirical experiences, personal or otherwise. Todd has a studio in the Brand X Arts Incubator as part of the TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards.

     William Mansfield is a Sydney based multi-disciplinary visual artist. Pursuing a dynamic experimental DIY aesthetic, Mansfield utilises a broad range of mediums including video, sculpture and installation. Mansfield’s unique practice conflates ideas of schlock horror and glitch art with childhood nostalgia, interrogating notions of torment and the grotesque, with irreverent and kitsch humour. He employs pre-cinematic devices and handmade dioramas to weave together open-ended narratives within his work.

Pamela Lee Brenner and Johannes Muljana collaborate in artistic creations producing sculpture, projections, performances and digital interactive works. Our works deal with issues such as public vs private spaces, reuse of discarded materials and other contemporary issues that resonate with our ways of seeing the world. We have participated in outdoor and indoor sculpture exhibitions, virtual sculptures, performance art exhibitions and public projections around Sydney and Australia.


Fiona Edmeades is a sculptor who works predominantly through process and materiality to investigate the complex nature of our human experience. Conciseness manifest through the realm of form, a reality which we all share and to which we are all bound. Fiona feels that although we may fixate on the big events, it within the banal and the everyday – in the repetition of the mundane –that we create the rich and complex fabric that is our life..

   Aesha Henderson is an interdisciplinary artist working across sculpture, installation, performance, design for theatre, events and screen specialising in puppets, creative direction and curating. Her work incorporates play, humour, beauty, darkness and the surreal to shift and investigate stories of what we are and what we may become. Aesha works from her studio in the Arts Incubator as part of the TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards.

   Sydney Pemberton is English born and moved to Australia in the seventies. Started a catering company working in TV and film, catering for private and corporate clients. Out of her love of all things practical, Syd has written several household hint books and numerous cookbooks. Her love of food has crossed into her quirky paintings and sculptures. Syd specialised in printmaking for several years before turning her creative talents towards acrylics, collage, and sculpture. She still uses mono printing in her art practice. She has been making collage jewellery and having fun with manipulating images. Her interest in sea creatures began when working with the Sydney Fish Markets, ocean swimming in Sydney, and holidaying on the English Coast. She loves using recycled materials for her artworks in her compositions. Instagram: sydpemberton Sydddee Facebook: syd pemberton art and food