Brand X has launched its artist to artist professional development program (A2A Training). Exclusive to ARTIST PASS holders, Brand X offers a free program of peer-to-peer training for artists to build the practical skills required to work as a freelance multidisciplinary professional in Sydney. All A2A training will take place at the East Sydney Community And Arts Centre (ESCAC) in Darlinghurst.

The start of the 7 new workshops will be on Sunday 29th  of March with "Voice of Confidence: speaking in public or using the natural voice in your work (with Paul Cordeiro)". In this session, participants will learn about "active listening" to their voices and be able to create the impact you wish to have when you speak. 

Then, almost every month, a new workshop will take place where artists will be sharing their knowledge to other artists. The program aims to foster self-reliance and self-determination for the sector by skill-sharing technical knowledge in different fields of the creative industry such as: 360 camera & VR, textile design and how to get represented.

Brand X is honored by the participation of artists sharing their knowledge on their specific fields of expertise with an opportunity for independent and emerging artists to access a diverse set of tools and information. In these workshops, artists will get the chance to find answers to their career roadblocks through the skill-sharing with other artists . 

A free program of peer-to-peer training sessions.

Brand X’s Programs Manager Aesha Henderson believes the "A2A Training" project is a great opportunity for independent artists to grow in their craft and networking. “The Artist to Artist Training Program was created so independent Sydney artists could gather skills to support their practice. As artists we need to be adaptable, responsive and creative in the solutions we give ourselves and each other. The A2A Program gives artists the opportunity to share and expand their skills, grow their network and lower costs associated with creating work by doing things themselves. It’s also super fun to get into a room full of artists to play with a particular subject for 1.5hrs! We want to help artist become even more resilient and more self-reliant so they can continue to create great work and continue contributing to Sydney's creative culture”, said Aesha.

Last year's attendee Sarah Toth explains about her experience during the training session for "The Basics of lighting for stage": "It was a great opportunity to get an overview of how lighting works for theater and the basics of creating a design. I also feel more empowered with terminology and the scope of options available when working with a lighting designer in preparation for a show. I was impressed with Alex's depth of knowledge and experience. And he communicated in a way that was both accessible and practical. Thanks, Brand X for providing these kinds of workshops!"

What: Artist to artist professional development program (A2A Training)
: March-November 2020. Check website for exact days of the different sessions

Where: East Sydney Community and Arts Centre, 34 Burton Street Darlinghurst, Sydney, 2010
Tickets: Free for Brand X's ARTIST PASS holders.