Exclusive to Artist Pass holders, Brand X offer a free program of peer-to-peer training for artists to build the practical skills required to work as a freelance multidisciplinary professional in Sydney. The program aims to foster self-reliance and self-determination for the sector by skill-sharing technical knowledge in sound recording, lighting design and exhibition rigging.

A free program of peer-to-peer training sessions.

The kick off for this series of programs, Alexandra Spence will lead a session on how to make fields recording on the 9th of November at Tempe Jets.

A training through the intriguing world of field recording with Alexandra unique artistic ear,who will be giving the basics to venture out on your own to capture sounds for sound design, music composition, an artwork or just for fun. Zoom Recorder, mobile phone and specialised microphones will be used for the goals of this program.

At ESCAC, Kayllan Clay will lead a workshop to learn about art installation and handling on the 20th of November. 

Building skills in how to hang a painting like a pro, what to expect when dealing with complex installs and how to prepare your own artwork for safe and easy installation will be some of the outcomes in this day. Kaillan will share his expertise to give to all the assistants the tools to become a confident and independent technicist. He will be teaching the importance of treating every show with consideration and a unique approach. Each show will always have its own requirements and is important to learn how to deal with them because no two shows are the same.

And closing this year's free training programs, Alex Torney will be teaching DIY lighting for stage on the 8th of December at ESCAC. 

This Program is a must for anyone who wants to do their own lights or have an understanding of lighting to be able to communicate with lighting designers. In this lighting session Alex will take you step-by-step through ESCAC’s lighting system including types of lights and their primary uses, how to create a basic lighting design, how to hang lights and connect them, and how to use the lighting desk.

These programs are exclusive to Artist Pass holders, so don't forget to apply for your Artist Pass here

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