Dear Friends of the Arts,

COVID-19 has hit Brand X hard. As we manage its seismic consequences for Sydney’s independent artists, the broader creative sector and Brand X itself, we are looking bravely to the future and taking careful measures to help all of us navigate through this challenging time. We invite you to donate now to support our bold plans to re-open our doors.


Lisa Shaunessy runs ARCADIA, a film production and distribution company located in one of BRAND X's studios for creative business. Lisa explains the impact of COVID-19 to her creative projects and the film and television industry at large.

Our vision is to support Sydney’s creative sector to experiment, innovate and create by becoming the leading provider of affordable creative space. We have pursued our mission tirelessly for the past 15 years. As a charitable organisation – run by artists, for artists – we have put the interests of creatives front and centre of everything that we do. COVID-19 has made this nearly impossible. As the coronavirus spread, we implemented health and safety measures to protect the community and closed our venues.


Cam Nacson is a singer, songwriter, producer and creative working out of Collective Sound Studios at BRAND X's TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards. Cam shares the disappointment of his live-gigs being cancelled when COVID-19 hit.

Through the hard work of our staff and generosity of special grants, we survived – just. Now, the economy is re-opening. We are laying the groundwork to turn the lights back on at Brand X, so that artists can get back to their studios and rehearsal room floors to start creating again.


Dancer and choreographer Elle Evangelista (resident artist for The Flying Nun Season 5) shares the moment when our venues closed due to COVID-19 right before the premiere of her new performance work THIRTY30 (and her 30th birthday).

We are re-imagining our spaces, prioritising health and safety measures to safeguard staff, artists, audiences and the community. Our careful and comprehensive approach includes maintaining effective social distancing and staggering the re-opening of our rehearsal spaces and our Flying Nun performance program. We will continuously evaluate and improve our strategy to keep everyone safe.


Visual artist Todd Fuller works from his studio at the BRAND X Arts Incubator in St Leonards. 2020 was going to be the biggest year for Todd's career until COVID-19's impact forced his international exhibitions to be cancelled.

This is where we need your help.

To keep going, and to adapt to the “new normal” for operating cultural spaces for hire, we need funds to, for example, maintain an ample stockpile of effective cleaning products and extra labour to continuously sanitise rehearsal spaces and reconfigure performance venues for social distancing. To continue our mission, and achieve these strengthened health and safety measures, we need to raise $5,000 as soon as possible.

Your tax deductible contribution will have a real and immediate impact in reinvigorating Sydney’s creative life.

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With my warmest regards,

James Winter
Director, Brand X