Created by Stephanie Hart, Lenny Ann Low & Cheryle Moore

Wrapped in First Class pyjamas and inflated ankles, Frumpus navigate white knuckle turbulence to touch down in luxury goods. Damaged, swollen from neck to foot, and desperate to clear customs, they negotiate a land of extravagance, opulence and anarchic self-satisfaction.


Frumpus is an all-girl ensemble that developed from the rich and anarchic Sydney performance scene of the early 1990s. Exploring ideas embedded in pop culture surrounding beauty and the grotesque, their frumpy red tracksuit image soon became a trademark for performance that pushed boundaries, celebrated frumpiness and humour and punctured ideals of female perfection. Frumpus is the collaborative practice of Sydney-based artists Cheryle Moore (formerly of the Post-Arrivalists), Lenny Ann Low, Julie Vulcan and Stephanie Hart and incorporates striking visual imagery that is subversive, disturbing and uncomfortably funny. Using text, orchestrated sound bites and dramaturgical resources to develop a unique visual language, Frumpus explore the awkward, the victim as heroine and the monstrous female in life and popular culture. Their shows, Strumpet, Runt, Crazed and Crazed 2 combined large-scale, bizarre and surreal comic moments to explode taboos around the representation of women. Frumpus shows and seasons have appeared at Performance Space, Carriageworks, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Sydney Festival, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the Melbourne Festival and in a mucky Redfern side alley for 150 people.


Not comfortable attending a public performance? Not in Sydney for the dates of this show? Never fear - this performance will be available on our new on-demand broadcast channel from FRIDAY 11 DECEMBER. Purchase an "On-Demand Broadcast Link" and you will be emailed information on how to access your private viewing of FRUMPUS PRESENTS LANDED. Invite your friends over for a viewing party and enjoy the show from the comfort of your couch.

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