SHAN TURNER-CARROLL is an Australian artist of Burmese descent whose practice explores site-specificity and integrates mediums including photography, sculpture, performance and film.

He embodies the role of the trickster, magician or pilgrim, using common gestures and everyday objects and acts in alchemical ways, creating the process of artmaking as ritualistic and transformative. Play, humour and experimentation are key elements within his current practice.



ANTHEA WILLIAMS is an award-winning theatre director and emerging film director specialising in developing new Australian performance. Her work focusses on marginalised experiences by creating space for new and diverse voices working with radical narratives and processes in order to privilege the relegated and forgotten. She is interested in how silent histories can and do impact upon the present. Williams is also an advocate for disability rights.



KIERAN BRYANT is an emerging artist who loves water and its metaphorical possibilities. He uses performance, collaborative actions, installation, photography, sculpture, video, and text to identify interior liquid landscapes and emotional wateriness within queer bodies. His work is autobiographical; employing a pastiche of popular culture modes and sources to craft a singular narrative.



JONNY HAWKINS is an emerging, multidisciplinary artist whose practice champions togetherness, Queer celebration and the historical and contemporary local stories of the LGBTQIA2S+ community. He writes for the stage, screen and personal essays; is an actor and performance maker; and event producer. Hawkins work focuses on unlikely intersections of how people come together, and why they keep choosing to stay together. He works towards community building and a culture of artists from different disciplines helping each other with collaborations and bigger ideas.


EMILY PARSONS-LORD is an experimental contemporary artist that makes ephemeral installations and performances that are informed by research and critical dialogue with climate sciences, natural history, and politics through the material consideration of air. Air is simultaneously local and global, encompassing the effects of breathing as well as the governance of polluters and policy makers. Air is where what we jettison into seeming oblivion is returned. It is a physical site, as well as a place we can project our imaginations.



VIDYA MAKAN is a composer, lyricist, actor and singer, among other things. She recently wrote, directed and produced the original song ‘I Need You To See Me’; a call to action to the entertainment industry for diverse representation and inclusion featuring 101 BIPoC and CALD performers aged 18-25.




Intergenerational multidisciplinary artists – Nadeena Dixon, Wasana Dixon, and Naryma Dixon.

Nadeena Dixon is a Wiradjuri, Yuin & Gadigal (Dharug - Boorongberrigal clan) multidisciplinary artist. Her practice encompasses printmaking, multi-platform production including photography, animation, video, editing, sound, webpage design, and integration. She is recognised as a Master Weaver in Indigenous Cultural Traditions and her cultural practices include dance, song, language, song-writing, contemporary theatre storytelling, and contemporary ceremony. She is also an experienced guitarist, singer, and performance artist.

Wasana and Naryma Dixon are both Graduates from COFA School of Art and Design, they are multidisciplinary artists working in illustration, web page design, photography, short film, and animation.