From her Avalon studio, ROSIE BROWNING creates rustic woven pieces that bring organic warmth and texture to contemporary spaces. Through the use of traditional basketry techniques, Rosie sculpts forms that celebrate the beauty of nature, whilst exploring our fragile connection to the environment. Entirely sustainable in practice, her materials are sourced locally from already discarded flora; finding new life in the medium of art-making.

Through the exaggerated human form, CREATURISTICART creates ‘creatures’ that depict a personal psychological journey of rebirth and sexuality. In this process of creation, the artist feels closure from past and present anxieties, crossing the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Creatur uses his art as an expression of freedom of the inner self.

JASON MOSS JEWELLERY DESIGN produces limited edition and one-off bespoke jewellery. Working primarily with silver, gold and precious stones, Jason produces collections of work inspired by his urban outings an obsession for making things and experimenting at his bench. The general design rule is ‘less is more’ as he strives to reduce a design to its minimum components, emphasising the beauty of the materials.

SHANA DANON creates paintings, prints and patterns from her Bondi studio, Emilio Frank Design. Inspired by a passion for Mid Century modernism, Shana’s work celebrates form, function and colour with a touch of whimsy, intending to evoke joyful memories and happy spaces. Emilio Frank Design creates conversational pieces for those who love to live colourfully.

Amphitrite’s Treasure is the brainchild of NADIA ZWECKER, a multi-disciplinary artist and performer based on Gadigal land. Handmade jewellery from repurposed vintage and semi-precious natural materials, each piece is unique from the next. Every month, 50% of profits are donated to a rotating charity, with a focus on supporting LGBTQI+ Indigenous & Black folx and POC around the world. Sustainable and one of a kind, you can ensure that your support of independent Australian artists goes a long way.

CHANTAL O’REILLY grew up in London (UK), Houston (USA) and Den Haag (The Netherlands) and studied Fashion Design at the Falmouth School of Art and Design (UK) and worked in the fashion industry in London. In 2014, she indulged her love of surface design and completed a Diploma of Textile Design at Ultimo TAFE. Chantalo Designs is her brand that specialises in small-run textiles for interior design.

VibeControl is the work of local artist ANNIE WINTER, who works across clothing, homeware and mixed media. Taking a firm grip on the vernacular, VibeControl manipulates the status quo by taking the words from their mouths and emblazoning them on your chest. Tongue in cheek, and twinkle in eye, VibeControl helps you feel good about what’s happening anyway.

TANJA BINGGELI is a letterpress artist and designer based in Sydney. Tanja has worked as the German Language Coach for Opera Australia. Working with her letterpress, Tanja explores visual representation of both language and performance. The medium of letterpress – by nature of the flowing movement of the press – allows for a process of direct interaction and intervention with the work via numerous repetitions (i.e a high volume of prints). Due to the analogue nature of the process, each print captures a moment that can never be exactly repeated – just as in live performance. Both practices are ephemeral, however, the graphic output of the printmaking is captured by each print.

MARK ELIOTT blows borosilicate glass sculptures sometimes collaborating with other artists or incorporating other media such as text, music, wood and animation. He also teaches and is working on ways to reduce his carbon footprint.

WILLIAM MANSFIELD’S experimental DIY practice interrogating notions of torment and the grotesque, with irreverent and kitsch humour. Mansfield employs a broad range of mediums including video, sculpture and installation, to weave together open-ended narratives within his work.

LISA KOTOULAS has a strong interest in neuroscience and psychology, expression and gesture as the primary focus of her work. By capturing moments of suspended time, the chance to engage in an exploration of Self, Identity and Truth often presents itself. Creating dimensions where the real and imagined collide, where reality is indistinguishable from the fabricated and where consciousness meets subconsciousness meets unconsciousness are her main objectives. The disorientations of time and space continue to motivate Lisa’s work.

TRAVIS DE VRIES is a Gamilaroi contemporary artist, designer, writer and producer who uses multiple mediums and genres to create a growing world of interconnected stories, objects, sculptures and ideas.Broriginals is an Aboriginal comedy podcast hosted by brothers; Travis and Texas De Vries who explore what it means to be a successful Aboriginal in the modern world. They co-opt the structure of an advice show as a jumping-off point for improvisational comedy, political and racial identity interrogations and wild shenanigans.

JENNIFER REID makes paintings, drawings and mixed media artworks and small sculptures. Her subjects include city, inner suburban and harbour scenes. Recently she has been spending a lot of time with birds. Jen exhibits work in a variety of solo and group exhibitions and art shows.

SHARON WILLIAMS is an Australian multidisciplinary artist interested in spatial memory, symbolism and the personal sensitivities associated with space, place and time. Her emergent and experimental art practice incorporate Fine Art with traditional feminine art-and-craft skills to create mixed-media artworks, collage and site-specific installations. As a response to the ephemeral nature of colour, texture and pattern within the environment, Sharon uses her dreams, childhood memory and personal life experience to explore the healing processes associated with self-worth, identity and belonging.

HANS MADOERY arrived in Sydney from Basel, Switzerland in 1966 and has witnessed enormous changes to the city skyline since his arrival. Three years later Hans was working with the Interior Design team on the Sydney Opera House. Hans retired in 2009 as a Designer/Architect, and based on his professional experience became an artist. His pen drawings are inspired by the woodcuts of Albrecht Duerer and the complexities of Cornelis Escher's work.

RAYMOND TUIFAO LALOTOA is a multi disciplined Samoan artist based in Bondi, Sydney, Australia. Experimenting with all styles including; painting, illustration, design, music, writing, poetry, animation and film, Ray's ultimate goal in life is to keep evolving while creating art which not only makes you think, but brings a smile to peoples lives. My Sydney Riot is an underground movement based out of Inner City Sydney, Australia. Their sole purpose is to get behind original / independent Music, Film and Art Culture from Sydney and all around. Their point of view is to support and celebrate all the vast underground / independent talent which goes unnoticed in this city and to keep people updated with music and art which they may not come across as often as they like too.

SOFIA FITZPATRICK is an Australian artist and a jeweller. Sofia’s work has been featured in books such as ' Rock Star Chic ' and ' Skull Style ' Skull Style features work from over 100 of the most influential artist and designers of today. Rock Star Chic features over 300 of the most cutting edge designers, photographers, stylists. Sofia has exhibited her paintings sculptures, drawing and jewellery in group exhibitions. To name a few - Skulls & Bones Exhibition at Ivy, Harley Davidson for the love of lids 110 anniversary, Cranium, The Screaming Hand 30th anniversary exhibition, Mike Watt - Tattoo Me book exhibition, Brilliant Creatures exhibition and many others.

Zeke’s Lunchbox emerges from the mind of JULIA RICH. She is the creator of the Zeke’s Arcana Tarot Deck that is both a tool for personal insight and a rabbit hole into the strange, prismatic and unearthly universe of Zeke’s Lunchbox. She is known for her vibrant paintings, illustration, design and street art that transports you to a brighter and weirder space-age universe.

Fusing kitsch, nostalgia, craft and playful perversity, Sydney-based artist KIRSTEN FREDERICK’S creates woolly delights seemingly straight out of a naughty nanny’s craft box. Her phallic creations and crocheted reinterpretations of male and female genitalia amuse and titillate, even shock with their vibrant colours, outlandish shapes and breathtaking array of sizes.

LONELY KIDS CLUB is an independent clothing brand which ethically produces mental health positive clothing and works towards achieving inclusivity through extensive sizing options, a gender neutral approach to design, and breaking mental health taboos.