Brand X is excited to launch today the ProtoSHOP, a new program where artist are encouraged to experiment with their craft.

The ProtoSHOP by Brand X is a celebration of creative risk-taking and an opportunity for customers to purchase a truly unique gift.

INNOVATION and ARTIST INCOME are the main focus of this project. Brand X has commissioned prototype concepts to support their fabrication for sale through Brand X's ProtoSHOP.  

A limited edition of original curiosities

The work produced push creative boundaries in concept design for both the artist and the audience. The work is a significant extension of the artists current practice. The program aims to hold the risk and encourage artists to rethink an application, prototype an object, test it in the market and determine audience reaction.

A limited edition of only 10 units will be available at the ProtoSHOP. Once that has been sold, the artist can reinvest their sales into a new product line to be sold through their own retail platforms. Buying at the ProtoSHOP means you will be supporting local artists and helping them to keep developing their practice.

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