Brand X considers the safety of its audience, artists and staff as our top priority. Understanding that social distancing is critical to slowing down the rate of COVID-19 infection, we have temporarily reduced our rehearsal and performance space services.

However our A2A Training is going online (soon to be announced),  and our Gift Shop, The ProtoSHOP invites you to browse.

We are preparing a new resource for our website for anyone who is offering content online.

If you are:

  • Live streaming a performance,
  • Creating YouTube tutorials or online webinars, 
  • Have an online gallery with your latest work, 
  • Preparing online dance or exercise training to keep active, 
  • Or you are part of any online initiative that is trying to facilitate engagement in these times of distancing,

Please don’t hesitate and send us an email with what are you doing, direct link to the online content and when it will be available. Our intention is to drive our audience to your content with support from Brand X.

Please keep safe and we look forward to seeing you - in person - sooner than later.