Another year goes by, but not without thanking you first. You, in one way or another, have helped us continue our support for the creative sector in Sydney.

Our city more than ever needs a vibrant and accessible cultural life. Together we will continue to stimulate that by being brave artists, hungry audiences and passionate advocates.

Here at Brand X we are optimistic that the "20's" will be the decade where arts and culture retains its importance in the hearts and minds of all Sydney-siders. Creating more opportunities for artists, building cultural identity for all citizens and ensuring our lives continue to be enriched by the diverse stories of all its people. Here's to the other side of the decade!



In 2019 we housed more than 70 artists and organisations in our semi-permanent studios and provided over 6560 hours of rehearsal space hire for performing artists to develop their craft across our spaces in Darlinghurst, St Leonards and Tempe.

We hosted over 30 performances as part of The Flying Nun program and with a total audience of more than 1700 people coming through our doors at the East Sydney Community & Arts Centre (ESCAC) generating $22,500 in box office for participating artists.

The Flying Nun 

This year we were able to secure funding for The Flying Nun program, providing artists with production stipends of $1300 to get their performance ideas off the ground... thanks to the City of Sydney. Keep an eye out for season 5, COMING SOON!

The ProtoSHOP

We recently launched our own online Gift Shop. A new program to support artists with income generation. The ProtoSHOP is a celebration of creative risk-taking and an opportunity for you to purchase a truly unique gift. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Brand X

And 2019 has been the year for our new website, the first artist training sessions, the welcoming of the Creative Live/Work Tenantsa new board and City of Sydney and Create NSW funding. Now it's time to make 2020 even a better year.