Warwick Levy is founder of Sydney fashion label Lonely Kids Club, a fully independent label that prides itself on being gender-neutral and ethically produced. Like many independent artists Warwick has his hand in all aspects of his label – from design to production to marketing and sales. The freedom Warwick enjoys in creating his pieces are palpable in each garment and it’s easy to see why the label enjoys such a strong following.

Since securing printing equipment Warwick spends 6 days a week printing garments in house, and if the day is right he can see a concept through to finished product in 10 hours. Boom.

His range is inspired by current personal experiences filtered with light humour and a positive mental health slant that adds joy to his range and extends his altruistic sweatshop-free, slow fashion approach. He works with artists across the globe in creating his designs and has daily re-briefs with himself when he walks his dogs daily.

His stock is exclusively online and in his own store giving Warwick the freedom to produce exactly what he wants, when he wants.

And being self-sufficient has never come at a better time!

COVID-19 has closed Lonely Kids Club shop doors for now, but the label continues to produce relevant and socially aware clothing with the Wash Ya Hands and Social Distancing Range unabated.

Warwick is also an electronic music maker, his tunes make their way into his brand with videos and animations. Lonely Kids Club occupies a Brand X creative retail space in St. Leonards where he has a shopfront and printing studio.