‘Licensed Poetics’ is a new podcast which delves into the world of books, art and creative story-telling. Recorded at the City of Sydney Creative Studios (CoSCS) by hosts B. Fung-Ling and Joachim Li, the duo have already released an impressive twelve episodes which plunge into contemporary culture, book reviews and thoughtful discussions on the creative process. 

Brand X sat down with co-host Joachim Li to find out more… 

  1. Tell us a little bit about your podcast!

Our podcast is called ‘Licensed Poetics’, we are all about book reviews, and creative storytelling! We invite guests over to share their unique voices, where everyone can have the poetic license to be a bit dramatic and chaotic.

  1. Talk us through a typical episode of ‘Licensed Poetics’ - what happens? 

A typical episode entails some recent reading updates from me and my co-host Fung-Ling, the guests are free to share their reading as well! Then we’ll have a casual interview with the featured guest emphasising their experience, their craft, and the topics they are keen to discuss! The vibe is witty, friendly and sometimes chaotic.

  1. What inspired you and B. Fung-Ling to create your show? 

We both identify as bookworms by heart and have the irrepressible urge to share our sometimes abrasive opinions! Also, we wanted to foster a creative community of people who enjoy reading and sharing stories. Fung-Ling is a big fan of the podcast ‘Books Unbound’, shout out to them for the inspiration!

  1. What has been your favourite episode so far and why?

Wooo tough question … I’ve loved every single episode so far, each guest brings different vibes and dynamics which is always exciting to see! But if I had to pick one, it’d be our 2023 reading wrap up! I believe we recorded for 3 hours straight! It was packed with good quotes and good laughs!

  1. Tell us about your experience recording ‘Licensed Poetics’ at the City of Sydney Creative Studios (CoSCS)?

We’ve been totally gagged! I love the top-quality equipment, convenient location and how easy it is to book in!

  1. What pleasantly surprised you about CoSCS? 

The most pleasant surprise was the supportive and knowledgeable staff who are super easy to work with. Their assistance makes the recording process run smoothly, and the incredible tapestry (by artist Deborah Kelly) in the corridor is just a lovely bonus!

  1. How has having access to a space like CoSCS supported your podcast and career? 

We wanted to do it (at CoSCS) right from the start; having access to CoSCS really kickstarted our podcast, setting us apart from shows recorded on mobile phones in basements. Our guests love the studio too! 

  1. Where can listeners find your podcast? 

Listeners can find ‘Licensed Poetics’ on all major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

  1. Do you have an instagram / or website? 

Yesss! Find us on Instagram @licensedpoetics. Please give us a follow for updates and behind the scene bloopers! 

Or email us: [email protected] to request your book to be reviewed. Any feedback is welcome!

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Images by Jacquie Manning

Interview by Sophie Davis