Sparkly Tinsel Dick


Celebrate genitalia with a hand-crafted Sparkly Tinsel Dick lovingly made by crochet artist Kirsten Fredericks. Read more

Nature inspired masturbation cards for vulva and clitoris


A series of inspiration/instruction masturbation cards for anyone who has a vulva and clitoris. Read more

(Small) Vibrant acrylic geometric statement mirror


A series of framed mirrors inspired by colour, geometry, and minimalist art. Read more

Felt plush toy meat tray


Selected meats and plant-based felt objects! Read more

Felt plush toy Miss Steak


Miss Steak is a collection of four meaty women and other selected meats and plant-based felt objects! Read more

Woven vase mixed fibres small


Each basket is mindfully woven using the versatile Bangalow Palm Inflorescence and additional mixed fibres, using a random weave technique. Read more

Unframed black and white contemporary minimalist print


Focusing on the dynamism of the Letterpress medium and the interaction between two hand-cut positive/negative forms. Read more