Earrings Stone Cross On Hoops By Jason Moss


Think 1980's Madonna 'Desperately seeking Susan'. Read more

Totem neon pink earrings By Emilio Frank Designs


Original artwork that has been laser printed onto pink neon acrylic totem earrings. Read more

Stone Cross Earring (Stud) By Jason Moss


This silver stud earring is great for everyday use. Read more



Carp-é Diem baby, this little fishy has lived many years… Read more

Spintria (Pendant) by Jason Moss


These pendants were cast from original Roman ‘Spintria’ tokens from around 1AD. Read more

ABODIGITAL (Pin) by Travis De Vries


The Abodigital represents and Aboriginal person in the digital age, tech savvy and culturally connected. A digital native. Read more

Arcana Moth (Pin) by Zeke's Lunchbox


Feed into your mystic self with this Arcana Moth pin. Read more

SHE WILL HAVE HER WAY (Earrings + Pendant) by Emilio Frank Design


Hand made earrings + pendants set hand made by Shana Danon. Read more

Cooch Brooch by Kirsten Fredericks


Cooch brooch is a soft fuzzy flesh-pot of twisted angora transgressions. Read more