Our Partners

Brand X provides opportunities for new creative start-up businesses and arts organisations to participate in our activations across Sydney.



BAKEDOWN CAKERY is a cake and chocolate shop run by St Leonards local designer, Jen Lo. Jen worked in the motion graphics/animation industry where she decided it was time to combine her love of sweets with her passion for design!

For more information visit: www.bakedowncakery.com

CICLI SPIRITO is a one man custom bicycle workshop run by Ben Kamenjas catering to the two wheel obsessed. Hand built wheels, complete restorations, mechanical servicing and assembly, and bespoke built bicycles. Taking time to do things right and to the highest standard for the bicycle of your dreams.

For more information visit: www.spirito.com.au

COLLECTIVE SOUND STUDIOS is a space that houses musicians working in audio production, live performance, songwriting and tuition. Residents are all active members of the Sydney music scene and have produced and recorded a number of artist from Sydney.



CONTACT SHEET is a creative hub for photography who support emerging and established photographers by providing an opportunity to engage with new audiences to view and collect their work. They support photographers to develop their artistic or commercial practices through education, skills development and mentorship.

For more information visit: www.contactsheet.com.au

LONELY KIDS CLUB design, draft and concept all their garments in Sydney, creating individual clothes for people to enjoy, creating one-of-a-kind garments with their customers using their sewing studio located in the store.

For more information visit: www.lonelykidsclub.com

THIS IS ARCADIA is a film and TV production company with a goal to produce projects with majority female writers, directors and protagonists.

For more information visit: www.thisisarcadia.com

STALKER THEATRE make high quality physical and visual productions that range from small, mobile street theatre productions to large site-specific outdoor work and both intimate and large-scale indoor works. From interactive technology with aerials and acrobatics, to blending devised theatre with circus, stilts and street theatre.

For more information visit: www.stalker.com.au

BLUE GUITAR PROJECT is a charity that was founded by Music Photographer and Social Entrepreneur Roxy Lee. Inspired by a homeless teenage boy who wanted his dreams to come true, Roxy set out to provide creative educational programs to help inspire underprivileged teenagers to develop and connect to their dreams.

For more information visit: www.blueguitarproject.com

GREEN PEAS FOR BREAKFAST is a small studio in Sydney with big ideas who like telling stories through visual design and illustration. Their goal is to delight clients with lovingly crafted designs that stand out from the crowd. – serving up something uniquely different.

For more information visit: www.greenpeasforbreakfast.com

RIP SOCIETY is a Sydney-based record label founded by musician Nic Warnock who releases music that focuses primarily on Australian punk bands such as Circle Pit, Royal Headache and Straight Arrows. Nic is closely involved with the underground music scene in Sydney and previous director of Sound Summit in Sydney and Newcastle.

For more information visit: www.ripsocietyrecords.tumblr.com

BIG VILLAGE is an independent record label based in Sydney which focuses on quality and diverse local hip hop that pushes boundaries. Their yearly program involves many releases from musicians such as Daily Meds, Ellesquire and Reverse Polarities as well as touring schedules throughout Australia.

For more information visit: www.bigvillage.com

THE SPLINTER ORCHESTRA is a large-scale electro-acoustic improvising ensemble based in Sydney. Formed in 2002, the group is made up of individuals from the improvised music, jazz and classical scenes, electronic musicians, sound artists and those who are involved in environmental sound and field recording.

For more information visit: www.thenownow.net/splinter-orchestra

SPLITREC is a record label specialising in recordings from Sydney’s vibrant exploratory music scene focusing on experimental and spontaneous music from Sydney with major works from SSL, Peter Blamey, Germ Studies, Great Waitress, West Head Project, Teletopa, Dale Gorfinkel and Peter Farrar.

For more information visit: www.splitrec.com