Since 2005 Brand X have been a recognised leader in Placemaking projects across Sydney, consulting for both the public and private sectors. Our point of difference is the understanding of the role Artists can play in the rethinking of our public spaces and Brand X is perfectly placed to develop models of engagement that bring authenticity to the creation of community assets.

Transforming empty space into a cultural asset… enabling you to enable your community.

You live in a community filled with talented people who need a space to create. You have an under-performing community asset that has become a liability. You have a vacant property or underutilised building and know it would make for a perfect creative hub. Now you need someone to activate it.

Brand X has 10 years experience in activating or re-purposing space for creative use – from small pop-up rehearsal studios to large-scale multi-art facilities. Our expertise and experience are valuable to communities wishing to activate their own arts initiatives – and we’d like to share our experience with you.

Brand X are artists with a detailed understanding of running creative businesses. We understand the processes, challenges and opportunities and bring 20 years experience in Community Cultural Development to the table. We are well positioned to consult with your community and help enable you to build a resource that truly serves, develops and celebrates their artistic aspirations.

Whether it’s an arts studio, a rehearsal space, a gallery, a creative marketplace, an arts-business or events space, Brand X would like to enable your vision to help enable your community.

Brand X will provide:

· Site reconnaissance
· Local asset and partnership review
· Community and stakeholder consultation
· Draft business plans and suggestions for activation
· DA recommendations
· Draft floor plans and infrastructure inventories
· Draft start-up / fit-out budget
· Cash flow budget templates with suggested revenue streams
· Governance and management structure recommendations
· Booking systems for the spaces
· Hire agreement templates
· Pro-Forma employment contracts
· Marketing strategies
· OH&S audit
· EOI templates
· Pro-Forma Artist contracts
· Peer assessment procedures
· Event planning

In our experience, re-purposing takes approximately 6-12 months from planning to activation, then another 12-months before occupancy targets are reached. Brand X offer guidance, practical solutions and support. Our goal is to work in partnership with you to establish your project and ensure you are equipped with the information and tools you will need for your space to become a success.

Fees associated with this service will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, determined by your budget, scope of the project, your capacity to achieve it and the projects deadline. Contact us for more information or to start a conversation.