Our Projects (past and present)

Brand X currently manage six properties for the performing, visual arts, live music, creative retail and business start-up communities as part of the TWT CREATIVE PRECINCT in St Leonards; along with the EAST SYDNEY COMMUNITY AND ARTS CENTRE in Darlinghurst for the performing arts and TEMPE JETS for live and recording musicians.

2005-2009: Queen Street Studio (Chippendale)

Opened in June 2005, the organisation traded for 4 years from the top-floor of a warehouse on Queen Street in Chippendale. Over that time the studio serviced 18,132 artists with rehearsal studio space. This studio closed in June 2009.

2008-2012: FraserStudios (Chippendale)

In September 2008, Brand X managed the FraserStudios facility for Frasers Property who introduced a new initiative to make creative use of vacant warehouse space in the old Kent Brewery development site on Broadway. Three warehouses at 10-14 Kensington Street, Chippendale were temporarily transformed into a multi-disciplinary art space made possible through Frasers Property Australia, City of Sydney and Arts NSW. FraserStudios was returned to the developer in July 2012.

In September 2010, Heffron Hall in Darlinghurst was made available to service the performing arts community with subsidised rehearsal space for inner-city artists, made possible through an accommodation grant from the City of Sydney. This resource closed for redeveloped in 2014.

2013-2016: The Palace Studio (Marrickville)

In July 2013, Brand X was approached by the management of The Palace Studio in Marrickville to work as a booking agent for their dance studio during business hours. This facility was then made available to Sydney’s dance community outside of the managements after-hours Belly Dancing school until their client base grew to be self-sufficient by 2016.

2013-2016: Brand X Studio (Surry Hills)

In August 2013, a new micro-business initiative was opened in Surry Hills for the visual arts community. Part workspace, part gallery and part retail concept store, the facility was intrinsically linked to the Brand X Visual Art Residency Program, offering artists 3-months of free space to experiment with a retail environment. The commercial lease on the property expired in 2016.

2013-2014: L3 Central (Chippendale)

In September 2013, Brand X announced a new partnership with Fraser Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia in the cultural activation within Central; the property developers latest shopping mall located in a residential tower on Broadway, Chippendale. Together this partnership created 1,000sqms of space on Level 3 for community cultural use. The activation included galleries, workspace for visual artists, creative retail, events space and rehearsal space for performing artists. After welcoming over 30,000 artists and members of the public, the facility was returned to the developer at the end of 2014 for a commercial tenancy.

In October 2013, Brand X began consulting for the City of Sydney to find appropriate short-term tenants for their city owned properties. Brand X has been engaged by the City of Sydney to match appropriate artists to empty spaces when they become available.

2014-CURRENT: Tempe Jets Music Hub (Tempe)

In February 2014, Marrickville Council approached Brand X with two properties requiring temporary activation while the council sought respective tenders for their redevelopment. In June 2014, Brand X opened in the Camperdown Bowling Club as a site exclusively for its Performing Arts Residency Program and in July 2014, Tempe Jets was transformed into a live music business hub in support for the independent music scene of Sydney. Tempe Jets is still in operation today.

2014-CURRENT: TWT Creative Precinct (St Leonards)

In August 2014, local property developer TWT Developments appointed Brand X to manage the activation and creative programming of a number of empty commercial buildings that make up the newly created TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards. Together, this partnership has transformed space into artist studios, rehearsal space, gallery and creative retail for a proposed six year period before redevelopment.

The City of Gold Coast appointed Brand X in April of 2015 to consult on the activation of the Southport CBD in readiness for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Vacant properties across the city centre were made available to local Artists through an intensive mentorship with Brand X to build sustainable entrepreneurial models for the creative community and the rejuvenation of the precinct.

Main windows

In October 2014, Brand X was approached by the management of The Preshana Yoga Studio in Darlinghurst to work as a booking agent for their dance studio during business hours. This facility was made available to Sydney’s dance community outside of the management’s after-hours yoga school. This venue closed in 2016.

2015-CURRENT: Arts Incubator (St Leonards)

In December 2015, TWT Developments made available an office space on Chandos St in St Leonards to Brand X for the purposes of creating as an Arts Incubator. This facility brings together visual artists, filmmakers, graphic designers, theatre producers and start-up business under one roof. The opening of the Arts Incubator increased the floor-plate of the TWT Creative Precinct over 3 blocks – making it the largest re-purpose creative precinct in Australia.

2016-2017: X&Co (St Leonards)

In March 2016, Brand X opened its first social enterprise cafe in Chandos St, St Leonards as part of the growing TWT Creative Precinct. X&Co serves the local business and residential community for breakfast and lunch 6-days a week, with proceeds from sales supporting the on-going costs of managing the TWT Creative Precinct.

2013-2014: Short-Term Creative Tenancies (City of Sydney)

In February 2017, Brand X partnered with the Darlinghurst Business Partnership to activate a large street-front retail store on Oxford St in time for the Mardi Gras Festival. For 10-days, Art Mart showcased 10 local artists working in print-making, publications, fashion, jewelry, sculpture and design in a retail environment for international visitors in Sydney for the festival.

Burton Street Exterior

In August 2017, Brand X was successful in a tender to manage the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre in Darlinghurst, formerly Heffron Hall. The resource is a state-of-the-art, purpose built rehearsal and performance space for Sydney’s Independent Performing Arts Community.

WATERMELON By Harriet Gillies and Natalie Abbott with Tyler Ray Hawkins. Photo credit David Harrison.

In January 2018, Brand X launched The Flying Nun program at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre (ESCAC) as a showcase of the outcomes from Performing Arts residencies. Its purpose is to support artists by providing low-cost resources that encourage experimentation by reducing the financial barriers of developing and presenting new work to audiences in Sydney. The program supports Sydney’s Independent Artists with income, feedback and the opportunity to take their new ideas to the next level.