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Brand X offers a program of on-demand peer-to-peer workshops for artists to build the practical skills required to work as a freelance multidisciplinary professional.


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We offer professional rehearsal space facilities in Darlinghurst and St Leonards for theatre, dance, music, and film practitioners at affordable rates when using your Artist Pass.


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The ProtoSHOP is a treasure chest of limited edition curiosities made by local artists and an opportunity to purchase a truly unique, one-of-a-kind artwork or gift for someone special.


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Come and be the first audience to witness new performance work fresh out of the rehearsal room and by doing so, support Independent Artists to propel their work on to stages across Sydney.



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Latest News

Live Performance


    Friday 26 Nov @ 7pm & 9pm
    Saturday 27 Nov @ 7pm & 9pm

    Flying Nun favourites are back with their irreverent and hilarious brand of experimentation in a shiny new show filled with props and effects to smash the uncanny and the mundane. Promising some sick visuals for guaranteed LOL results. Not to be missed.

    Tickets available for $25 Read more


    Friday 3 Dec @ 8pm
    Saturday 4 Dec @ 8pm

    Wigs are being fluffed and Vaseline is slathered on to the lens to bring you the trials and tribulations of the most famous soap opera family you haven’t met yet.

    Tickets available for $25 Read more


    Friday 10 Dec @ 7pm & 9pm
    Saturday 11 Dec @ 7pm & 9pm

    Join Aunty Jude on a journey from heartbreak to doing ‘whatever the hell she wants’ as she smashes down other people's expectations in an outrageous midlife debutante ball. A mix of clown, cabaret and the grotesque.

    Tickets available for $25 Read more

Training Videos

  • Composing Music for the Stage (on-demand)

    This two-part series aims to explore the process of music composition for the stage by understanding the language and psychology of sound and music. Nate Edmondson will demonstrate how a Composer approaches their work, and the timelines involved in producing an original score.

    Tickets available for on-demand: $5 Read more

  • Experimenting with Murals (on-demand)

    Interested in experimenting with walls and large scale murals? Want to diversify your painting practice? Want to get into murals but not sure how to secure a gig? Let experienced mural artist Sophi Odling guide you through her whole process from being approached by a client to the final installation of the piece.

    Tickets available for on-demand: $5 Read more

  • Latex Mould Making (on-demand)

    Participants will be introduced to skills, techniques and tools required to create a one-piece latex flexible mould with a one-piece plaster mother mould. These skills will set you up to start your own mould-making project often needed in sculpture, props, puppetry or prosthetics for the creation of multiples or to translate your form into another material.

    Tickets available for on-demand: $5 Read more

Watch Performance On-Demand

  • The Hunger (on-demand)

    Recording of live performance on 11/6/20 at The Flying Nun, Darlinghurst

    A vampire’s human familiar, whose burning desire to be turned becomes all-consuming. The familiar mournfully traverses debris of iconography — a cowboy, a veil, a ghost double — in a futile search for transformation.

    Tickets available for on-demand: $5 Read more

  • LIMITS (On-Demand)

    RECORDED LIVE: 18/06/21 at The Flying Nun, Darlinghurst

    A grotesque creature navigating the world through the lens of a stereotypical “hot-body”. A creature trying to live up to the expectations of the world around her, riddled with insecurity and self-hate. Sabotaged by her limitations.

    Tickets available for on-demand: $5 Read more


    Recording of live performance on 8/5/21 at The Flying Nun, Darlinghurst

    A woman lives alone, restless for expression. Staving off loneliness in a world clinging to the idea of Noah's ark where we must all travel to our deaths two-by-two, she begins to anthropomorphise objects in her house, until she finds the one. Is it a dissociative breakdown, or is it love?

    Tickets available for on-demand: $5 Read more

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