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Brand X offers a program of peer-to-peer workshops and sessions for artists to build the practical skills required to work as a freelance multidisciplinary professional.


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We offer professional rehearsal space facilities in Darlinghurst and St Leonards for theatre, dance, music, and film practitioners at affordable rates when using your Artist Pass.


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The ProtoSHOP is a treasure chest of limited edition curiosities made by local artists and an opportunity to purchase a truly unique, one-of-a-kind artwork or gift for someone special.


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Come and be the first audience to witness new performance work fresh out of the rehearsal room and by doing so, support Independent Artists to propel their work on to stages across Sydney.



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Live Performance


    Mon 12 April at 6pm & 8pm
    Tue 13 April at 6pm & 8pm

    An immersive micro-festival where every room tells a story. Audiences are invited to witness these intimate spectacles created by some of Sydney’s most exciting site-specific contemporary performers.

    Upstairs Hotel Rooms @ The Darlo Bar, Darlinghurst Rd. Limited capacity.

    Tickets available for $25
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    Friday 23 April @ 8pm
    Saturday 24 April @ 8pm

    Something’s wrong. Everything’s right. The time is now, and they did it yesterday. For They and Them, to be read is to be misread, to be seen is to be unseen. In their fierce failure, bodies become less private, minds more muddled, stories less linear. They are forging the non-binary.

    Tickets available for $25 Read more


    Friday 30 April @ 8pm
    Saturday 1 May @ 8pm

    A dark and surreal biography of Kurt Cobain, incorporating time travel, and the supernatural, to weave an epic love poem for the fallen icon. Take a journey through this heartbreaking homage to one of our most beloved musicians.

    Tickets available for $25 Read more

Professional Development

  • Latex Mould Making with Kassandra Bossell

    Participants will be introduced to skills, techniques and tools required to create a one-piece latex flexible mould with a one-piece plaster mother mould. These skills will set you up to start your own mould-making project often needed in sculpture, props, puppetry or prosthetics for the creation of multiples or to translate your form into another material. No experience is required Read more

  • Murals with Sophi Odling

    Interested in experimenting with walls and large scale murals? Want to diversify your painting practice? Want to get into murals but not sure how to secure a gig? Let experienced mural artist Sophi Odling guide you through her whole process from being approached by a client to the final installation of the piece. Read more

  • Transformative Bodies with Victoria Hunt

    This Performance Lab will gather Victoria Hunt and artists together in a process of intersubjective dialogue, exchange, and physical practice rooted in BodyWeather and guided by Pacific-Indigenous concepts of kinship and interconnectivity. Read more

Watch Performance On-Demand


    Recording of live performance on 17/10/20 at The Flying Nun, Darlinghurst

    Like a performative lecture on mushrooms, storytelling whilst popping nangs, this new experimental solo performance explores the control we do/don't have over our URL identities in a post-truth world. #trippy #lol #posttruthbaby

    Tickets available for on-demand: $5 Read more

  • LOVE BURNS (on-demand)

    Recording of live performance on 24/10/20 at The Flying Nun, Darlinghurst

    Angela loves Jack. Jack cons Angela. After being swindled out of her life’s savings, Angela blackmails Jack into being with her. Together they hatch a scheme to get rich by killing lonely widows and stealing off with their fortunes. This is a night at the opera you won’t forget!

    Tickets available for on-demand: $5 Read more

  • THE LIFE CYCLE OF BLANCO (on-demand)

    Video of live performance recorded 20/11/20 at The Flying Nun, Darlinghurst

    A solo work incorporating call-and-response games with a riotous monologue about the culminating impact of casual racism. Blanco – a struggling Asian actor – reviews the short ‘life cycle’ of his career with documentarian flair, unpacking the emotional labour and exhaustion of being a POC artist in Australia.

    Tickets available for on-demand: $5 Read more

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