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Brand X offers a program of peer-to-peer workshops and sessions for artists to build the practical skills required to work as a freelance multidisciplinary professional.


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We offer professional rehearsal space facilities in Darlinghurst and St Leonards for theatre, dance, music, and film practitioners at affordable rates when using your Artist Pass.


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The ProtoSHOP is a treasure chest of limited edition curiosities made by local artists and an opportunity to purchase a truly unique, one-of-a-kind artwork or gift for someone special.


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Come and be the first audience to witness new performance work fresh out of the rehearsal room and by doing so, support Independent Artists to propel their work on to stages across Sydney.



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Live Performance


    Friday 7 May @ 7pm & 9pm
    Saturday 8 May @ 7pm & 9pm

    A woman lives alone, restless for expression. Staving off loneliness in a world clinging to the remnants of Noah's ark, that we must all travel to our deaths two-by-two, she begins to anthropomorphise objects in her house, until she finds the one. Is it a dissociative breakdown, or is it love?

    Tickets available for $25 Read more


    Friday 28 May @ 9pm
    Saturday 29 May @ 7pm & 9pm

    Five characters, five reasons to live, an odyssey towards death. A collage of memory, these characters jostle for existence in a theatrical phantasmagoria filled with dark humour, pathos, and unsettling personal narrative.

    Tickets available for $25 Read more


    Friday 4 June @ 8pm
    Saturday 5 June @ 8pm

    Everything you never knew you always wanted to know about the Clitoris. Part comedy/infotainment/cabaret show about the passions, struggles, and pleasures of our most misunderstood body part. A show for anyone with (or who cares about anyone with) a Clitoris.

    Tickets available for $25 Read more

Professional Development

  • Composing Music for the Stage with Nate Edmondson

    This session aims to explore the process of music composition for the stage. Beginning with a text, and following the creative and technical process through to the finished score, Nate will demonstrate his approach to creating music in an accessible and practical way. Read more

  • QLab and Sound Design Basics with Meg Stephens

    Participants will learn how to use a non-licensed, free version of QLab to its full potential and create their own sound design under the guidance of professional Theatre Technician, Meg Stephens. Read more

  • Ensemble Devising for Stage with Ninefold

    Ninefold are an ensemble known for their rich choral work and heightened theatrical style. In this workshop, you will gain comprehensive insight to the company’s approach to ensemble performance and devising as primarily informed by the Composition and Viewpoints methodologies. Read more

Watch Performance On-Demand

  • THE LIFE CYCLE OF BLANCO (on-demand)

    Video of live performance recorded 20/11/20 at The Flying Nun, Darlinghurst

    A solo work incorporating call-and-response games with a riotous monologue about the culminating impact of casual racism. Blanco – a struggling Asian actor – reviews the short ‘life cycle’ of his career with documentarian flair, unpacking the emotional labour and exhaustion of being a POC artist in Australia.

    Tickets available for on-demand: $5 Read more

  • LAYER (on-demand)

    Video of live performance recorded 14/11/20 at The Flying Nun, Darlinghurst

    A real-time collaboration with the Netherlands, Layer tells the story of three women, each alone and isolated with multiple cultural identities. They encounter multiple layers of themselves in real, virtual, fragmented and augmented realities. Layer explores notions of self-identity within our socially distanced COVID selves.

    Tickets available for on-demand: $5 Read more

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