The ProtoShop by Brand X is a unique showcase of short-run curiosities handmade by local artists as "experiments" to test market appeal. Support their ideas and purchase a one-of-a-kind gift for that certain someone who is otherwise impossible to buy for (that's you!).

Artists have been selected from our community to develop prototypes that are a significant extension to their current practice. We supported their idea with seed-funding to make it a reality so you can experience new products coming to life and own an exclusive object before public release.

Each product is a limited edition of 10; so once they're gone, they're gone. Then based on its appeal, the artist can reinvest their sales into a new product line to be sold through their own retail platforms. Refreshed every quarter, The ProtoShop by Brand X is a celebration of creative risk-taking and an opportunity for you to purchase a truly unique gift.

Mature Content Warning: The pages within may contain content of an adult nature and are not recommended for viewers who are easily offended or under 18 years of age.

Zeke's Lunchbox: Arcana Moth Pin


Feed into your mystic self with this Arcana Moth pin. The pin is based off the artwork from the Zeke’s Arcana Tarot project. The pin is aimed to evoke a calming yet provocative mood. Wear this when you’re feeling especially magical. Read more

White Knuckle Fever - All I wanted was a Kebab (EP)


White Knuckle Fever is Sydney’s only two-piece techno-psycho-blues-a-billy hyper energy assault; leaving cities drenched in sweat across Australia. Celia Curtis (Circus Bizarre) and Ross Johnston (Machine Gun Fellatio) are hotter than Hades, a hit with the ladies and guaranteed to get crowds going crazy! Read more

Emilio Frank Design: She Will Have Her Way (Earrings + Pendant)


GIFT SET: Hand made earings + pendants by Shana Danon. Signature line-work from Shana’s original artwork has been laser printed onto ethically sourced bamboo and assembled with leather, 24K rose gold plated jump rings and hypoallergenic metals to form jewellery pieces that celebrate empowerment and strength. Read more

Miriam Montgomery: Resin Dolls


Special and limited edition of Miriam Montgomery's dolls. An original creation from this Sydney Artist that change the traditional concept of dolls. Read more

Lonely Kids Club: LGBTQI tshirt


Special edition t-shirt for the launch of our PROTO-SHOP. Lonely Kids has created this special design only available at Brand X. An exclusive design with limited units to make you stand out and celebrates equality. Read more

Captain Pipe: Artot (vision cards)



My Sydney Riot: Tshirt +Artwork Set



Vibe Control by Annie Winter: FBDS Apron


Hand printed black apron with adjustable neck strap. FDBS is the best way to get ready for a "F" BBQ  in one of your "D" parties with all your "B" friends, but the question is: who is the "S"? This apron is 100% made by an actual FBDS. Read more

Kirsten Fredericks: Cooch Brooch


Cooch brooch is a softfuzzy flesh-pot of twisted angora transgressions, lovingly hand crafted and perversely formulated, taking the guess work out of ‘what's really under your skirt! Read more

The Tit Club: Boobie Keeper Cup


Great gift ideas: The perkiest travel cup you’ll ever need. Made from Stoneware clay in a solar powered studio, the Boobie Keeper Cup is a collaboration project between The Tit Club and Nicole is Nicole Ceramics. Designed to spark conversation and acceptance of the female breast. Read more