We re-purpose empty properties so performing, recording and visual artists can practice their craft.

We do this by working with Property Developers, Landlords and Local Governments to transform empty spaces into cultural places that allow artists to contribute, flourish and be sustainable in the community. We are driven by the belief that artists, when given appropriate space, inspire a renewed sense of belonging, harmony and pride of place for the entire community.

Brand X provides subsidised workspace and creative development programs alongside facilities for hire where artists can traverse the entire creative process from development to presentation. We maintain a charter that is relevant and responsive to the Independent Arts sector dealing specifically with arts-practice sustainability, skills development and capacity building.

Artist working in her studio


Our objective is to afford artists the opportunity to take risks, innovate and to create work. This is achieved by offering artists affordable rates for hire, residencies and opportunities for income-generation through our activation projects. By providing Independent Artists with support while reinvigorating local communities we stimulate a vibrant cultural life for Sydney.

We stimulate a vibrant cultural life for Sydney


Brand X’s vision is to support the creative sector in Sydney to experiment and innovate. We create partnerships, mobilise networks and commit resources to enable artists to pursue their practice sustainably. We incentivise the creative sector to develop entrepreneurial skills and resilience in order to become self-sustaining outside of traditional funding avenues. We support creative works and practitioners to influence and create cultural impact. We contribute to local communities by fostering healthy, connected, creative outcomes.


Brand X provides high quality, affordable spaces that are accessible by any member of the creative sector in order to provide equitable access to cultural infrastructure. Our mission is to support the sector in sustaining their practice and their livelihood in Sydney in the long-term by being the largest long-term affordable space provider in Sydney. We bridge two worlds: creativity and property by transforming spaces into creative places.

Musicians rehearse at Tempe Jets



Brand X is defined by its unique values that respond to an acute market need. We are:

  • GROUNDED: we understand what it takes to create new work and share it with an audience. Our spaces are easy to use and functional. As an organisation, we seek to give our artist pass holders and tenants as much autonomy and freedom as possible to take creative risks and experiment.

  • ENTREPRENEURIAL: we understand that creative practice is legitimate work and that for it to be sustainable, it must connect artists to sources of income. Our approach to professional development is anchored in an entrepreneurial mindset, focusing on economic opportunity rather than grants and subsidies.

  • AMBITIOUS: we support the independent sector to create experimental and innovative work that has influence and impact.

  • NIMBLE: we operate an efficient business model and organisational structure that enables us to respond to market conditions and create new opportunities.

  • CAPACITY BUILDING: we provide long-term solutions that create stability, offer continuity and position Brand X as a custodian of Sydney’s creative economy.

  • ENABLING: we match artists and creatives with outcomes. We facilitate results rather than owning or authoring them.


Our impact is twofold:

  • We impact the creative sector by giving them time and space to create, presentation opportunities, and an audience to share their work;

  • We impact the communities where our spaces are embedded by bringing them unique and local cultural programming, increasing access to cultural content and production and creating creative places out of generic spaces. We believe that creatives invite curiosity and empathy that evolves our society through human connection and thriving neighbourhoods.

VR exhibition at TWT Block Party