How can you help?

We have three ways you can financially support Brand X in its on-going work to support a healthy and robust culture of Independent Arts in Sydney.

  1. Be immortalised at the entrance to our East Sydney Community and Arts Centre on the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN for $1000.
  2. Support a new theatrical work to be made for the FLYING NUN performance program for $80.
  3. Give what you can with all DONATIONS over $2 being tax-deductible.
Our promise to you

Your donation to Brand X will build our capacity to deliver a full range of resources to Sydney’s independent arts community.

  • Your donation allows artists to work, develop, and take risks with their practice.
  • Your donation empowers us to give the gift of space to Independent Artists.
  • Your donation will impact and improve Sydney’s night-time culture.
  • Your donation over $2 is 100% tax-deductible.


Brand X is a leading provider of affordable creative space in Sydney – places that provide artists and creatives with opportunities, inspiration and the space to create. As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on the generosity of our donors to continue to provide this service and support our creative sector. Here is how you can help.

Any donation, large or small helps us continue to serve our purpose of creating affordable creative space in Sydney.

Sydney is teeming with artists. They create theatre, dance, visual art, music, events, media, and more. Their work enlivens our city and is the core ingredient to a dynamic night-time economy.

Yet the current climate for the creative community is one of the sparse resources, where artists lack appropriate and affordable space to make their art. This has a detrimental effect on the volume of work being produced in cultural ecology.

As commercial rents continue to rise and arts funding drops, artists are forced out of the city or move interstate. Resulting in poor retention of talent in Sydney and a lack of diversity on offer in our galleries, theatres, retail, recording and media platforms.

This is a major concern for governments with research suggesting that “without the appropriate space to develop work, artistic activity and invention becomes non-existent, having a crippling effect on the overall cultural fabric of the community”.

Brand X is a direct response to theses issues. Since 2005 we have provided vital creative development time and space to present new work for Sydney audiences. Our objective is to afford artists the opportunity to take risks, innovate, and to create dynamic moments in art for the enrichment of the entire community.


"Wishing all the best to Brand X in this "new normal" that COVID-19 has created. Thanks for all your efforts to support the Arts."
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PLEASE NOTE: Brand X takes its obligations under all Australian fundraising laws seriously. Brand X has only applied for fundraising authorisation under the laws of NSW and therefore cannot accept donations from outside of NSW.

Every dollar donated to this fund will be spent in the pursuit of advancing the creative capacities of Sydney’s artists which in turn invests in the cultural capital of our city. Every dollar counts. Please donate.

Brand X is confident that your donation will have an immediate impact on the volume of work being presented by Sydney’s artists. It will diversify the cultural offering to audiences by making fabrication and presentation feasible in Sydney. It will reduce ticket prices, give voice to new ideas, and encourage innovation and experimentation in contemporary practice.

By providing opportunities for artists to engage with new audiences we build resilience in the sector. By providing new ideas with the resources to flourish we encourage new voices to be represented in Sydney.