Participants will be introduced to skills, techniques and tools required to create a one-piece latex flexible mould with a one-piece plaster mother mould. These skills will set you up to start your own mould-making project often needed in sculpture, props, puppetry or prosthetics for the creation of multiples or to translate your form into another material. No experience is required

Artist-2-Artist participants will be shown how to use cheap and biodegradable latex rubber instead of the very expensive silicon for their flexible mould.

The tools and equipment Kassandra will use include

1 melamine board large enough to fit the sculpture on with 5cm spare all around the outside

2 one inch flat brushes

1litre latex

2 different coloured packets of dishcloths

1 can spray cooking oil

1 medium sized round plastic container

1 bucket

1 bag clay/ plasticine

1 clay knife/ cutting wire

How to Create Eco-Friendly Latex Moulds for Sculptures, Props, and Prosthetics: A Beginner's Guide with Kassandra Bossell


Kassandra Bossell is a visual artist who exhibits nationally and internationally, creates public art and works with urban and regional communities. Her work as a freelance designer and maker for stage and screen spans decades including commissions by with Opera Australia, Stalker Theatre, EFEX, Ad-Lib Productions, Powerhouse Museum, ERTH and Melbourne Museum.

Kassandra has lectured at the National Art School and held workshops at numerous universities, colleges and festivals around Australia. She holds an MFA in Research (UNSW Art and Design), a Bachelor of Visual Arts (University of Sydney) and a Bachelor of Arts (University of Sydney). 



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