"Affordability of property is a dire concern for artists living in Sydney and Brand X offers a solution through the critical function of affordable space for artists…Were I in a position where I had to pay a greater rent or did not have the diverse facilities of our creative precinct, a great deal of my work and practice would simply not be feasible."

Todd Fuller (Artist)

"James Winter and Brand X have a proven record of focussed, intelligent, thorough knowledge of the cultural sector generally and in particular Sydney. It is because of this expertise that the company is able to deliver relevant, cost effective and timely initiatives to help stimulate and strengthen arts and cultural practice and activity."

Kate Gaul (Theatre Director)

"We have just signed our lease for another year at Brand X and we can honestly say, without this affordable housing for our company, we may not still be standing. Brand X's affordable spaces for artists have helped our production company flourish at time of huge change in our industry. We couldn't (and wouldn't want to) do it without Brand X support!"

Lisa Shaunessy (Producer/Partner - Arcadia Films)

"No one knows better than a creative artist that budget doesn’t make or break shows. However, if you can’t afford space to create you are in big trouble. I created a lot of my latest show on my mobile phone but it wasn’t until I got to roam about the endless possibilities of the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre that a ‘good’ performance was possible. So, essentially, without Brand X and their deft support I would be yet another artist talking about what they’d like to do. Not doing it."

Drew Fairly (Performer)