ProtoSHOP is an online store by Brand X that provides an opportunity for artists to push the creative boundaries of their practice into a retail setting, to test a short-run of products in the market and assess a concept's future potential in more conventional retail platforms.

Through ProtoSHOP Brand X commissions five artists to generate new products – supporting them through the creation process from design and prototype to marketing and sales. The program facilitates a supportive environment in which artists can test new ideas and take creative risks with the ultimate goal being for artists to discover a lucrative concept that could sustain their artistic practice.

Meet the 2022 ProtoSHOP artists!

We are proud to announce the five artists below as our ProtoSHOP makers for 2022. Stay tuned to ProtoSHOP on Instagram and Facebook to be notified of each artist's product launch dates over the coming months.

Laetitia Olivier-Gargano
Product launch: May 2022

Laetitia is an emerging artist, currently based in Melbourne. Laetitia creates 'hyper-surrealistic' resin cast sculptures combining food, plants and an odd sense of storytelling. Delicately painted plastic forms look good enough to eat, but utterly uncanny in their presentation. These visual feasts playfully incite both a sense of wonder and unease. Using organic shapes, flora and everyday objects to draw on emotions and memories. Laetitia explores mixed cultures and identities as well as the wonderful, the awful and the often hilarious combinations that can arise when we play with our food. Laetitia's practice often involves 'hyper-surrealistic' resin cast sculpture, stop-motion animation and works on paper. Her work has been exhibited nationally at institutions such as Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Cement Fondu, Notfair and Firstdraft.

Amy Blue
Product launch: June 2022

Amy is a Sydney-based illustrator who has been drawing since she was 2 years old! Creating bright and kooky illustrations, Amy's inspiration comes from nostalgic childhood pastimes, pop culture and her queer community. Merging her love for design and her illustration skills, Amy has created a vast range of queer nonsense to make you laugh and ponder, ranging from art prints to lapel pins to stickers and colouring in books. Amy also offers a distinctive illustration & design service. Working with companies such as ACON, Prosper (Project Australia), YWCA Australia, Twenty10 GLCS & Homelessness NSW, Amy prides herself on her continued effort to work within the LGBTIQA+ community, bringing a queer voice and vision to each project.

Alexi Creecy 
Product launch: August 2022

Alexi Creecy is a multi materials effects and prop maker. Since graduating from the Enmore Design Centre with a Certificate IV and then later NIDA with a Bachelor of Arts Properties and Objects, he has gone on to work on a number of films, stage shows, and commercials. Currently working out of his Marrickville studio in Sydney, Alexi has created a practice that utilizes his digital fabrication skills to create models, props, and effects for clients across Australia.

Veronica Eulate
Product launch: September 2022

Veronica is the creator and designer of Sovereign Collection, a label dedicated to self-expression, sustainability and radical diversity, celebrating the humanity of style. Sovereign Collection hand-makes innovative accessories designed for vogue renegades: those who thrive in a world that wasn't created for them. Founded in 2017 by Veronica, Sovereign Collection is built on a philosophy that centres independence and inclusivity at the heart of style. Blending a passion for design, sustainability and social activism, Veronica wants to encourage people to re-think the idea of waste. All goods Veronica uses are handmade using leather scraps, off-cuts and deadstock from local sources, with minimal waste throughout production and packaging, making collections truly limited edition.