Created and performed by Sarah Easterman, Puppets and set design by Emily Hunt, Sound design by Alyx Dennison, Lighting Design by Frankie Clarke, Dramaturgy by LJ Wilson.

A woman lives alone, restless for expression. Staving off loneliness in a world clinging to the idea of Noah's ark where we must all travel to our deaths two-by-two, she begins to anthropomorphise objects in her house, until she finds the one. Is it a dissociative breakdown, or is it love?

Recorded at The Flying Nun on 8 May 2021 in front of a live audience.


Sarah Easterman graduated with a Bachelor of Theatre and Performance from Theatre Nepean and has continued her training with Clockfire Theatre and Bamboozle Theatre (UK). She holds a Diploma of Education in Visual Art and has been shortlisted for the City of Sydney Residency program and the KIAC residency program in Japan. Her performances, collaborations and events include, Working it Out with Kate Mitchell (Chalk Horse Gallery) JobReady (Old 505 Newtown and Sydney Fringe Festival), Olympia Olympia! (PACT Theatre) Bender (Lock Up Gallery, Newcastle), Sydney Kings, (HeapsGay/The Vanguard), Pack it up/ pack it in (Gallery 55), Milkmilklemonade (New Theatre), Miss Julie (Old Fitzroy), Moistness (The Arches, Glasgow), Grover Stands Up (Tokyo Sing-Song) Bird, (Old Fitzroy Hotel/The Secret House). She is part of an ongoing international collaboration with theatre collective Once Were Islands, currently based in Berlin and founding member of the collective BigMusclesSadHeart whose practice brings together comedy, physical theatre, performance art, and political satire. She works as a digital education presenter at The Sydney Opera House and a workshop facilitator for Milkcrate Theatre.


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