In this A2A Training session Natalia will take you through the basics of makeup and down the rabbit hole into special FX and performer-specific techniques, sharing her favourite tips, tricks, tools and products along the way. Using her experiences as a seasoned performer and professional makeup artist (MUA) for stage and screen...she knows what works and what is practical when you’re doing it yourself.

Natalia’s video will start with the basics of makeup: having a solid foundation to work from this A2A session will let you hone your personal makeup techniques starting with applying a flawless base whether that is skin tone, white or even purple!

With the growing overload of makeup tutorials on social media, let her simplify it for you – because not everyone on the tutorials are doing it ‘right’.

From a flawless foundation to what tools and products to use. When your fingers are the best tool, or maybe a sponge. She will talk about personal hygiene (very topical, and everyone should have always been doing!)

Throughout the video Natalia will chat about PRODUCTS: what is essential, where you can find them and costs to suit any budget.

Then we slide down the rabbit hole of tricks she often gets asked to do by performers: Getting rid of your eyebrows without shaving them; re-shaping your face; Old Age Makeup; even a little trick to effortlessly put on fake lashes!

She’ll dive into the world brusies, scars and blood!

You sweat a lot? Don’t worry she’ll cover that too! 

You’ll leave with the confidence to make makeup more of a detail in your work and wanting to!


Natalia is an acomplished actress known for her dancing, physical theatre and puppeteering. Since graduating from QUT many moons ago (15 years), Natalia has performed nationally and internationally as well as having a growing list of film and tv credits. Natalia is also a highly skilled visual artist. What felt like a natural progression, Natalia studdied Makeup, Hair and Special FX and has been working professionally for theatre, ballet, film and television for the past six years.


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