Two sessions:
- Saturday, June 17th: 2.30pm - 8pm at CoCSC L2.2
- Sunday, June 18th: 11am - 6pm at CoCSC L2.2

This Performance Lab will gather Victoria Hunt and you, the artists, together in an exchange and physical practice rooted in Body Weather. The body is a constantly changing environment within an environment which is constantly changing. 

Artists will work with the body as energetic potential within a sensory field, cultivating a conscious relation to states of change, porous, fluid and permeating. Victoria will guide artists through physical images inspired by Oceanic-Indigenous concepts of becoming, unbecoming, almost becoming and leaving.

Together we will enter a creative mist, honouring the different perspectives in the space, understanding that each position reveals the possibility of new knowledge. We will inhabit different perspectives at once.


Bodyweather is a broad-based training that proposes a practical strategy to the mind and to the body, considering the body as a constantly changing environment within a greater environment. Drawing from eastern and western dance, martial arts and experimental theatre practice, it is a comprehensive training and performance practice that develops a conscious relation to the state of change inside and outside the body. The training draws from FOUR main areas of the practice, which vary between high-energy work and quiet, meditative explorations.

  1. MB (Muscle><Bones, Mind><Body): a dynamic rhythmic workout that includes aerobic and anaerobic movement to develop strength, flexibility, endurance and a strong physical grounding. As an awareness training it tunes into internal and external rhythms, physical and energetic expansion, and trains the imagination in preparation for performance.  
  2. Manipulations: a series of precise forms that focus on stretching, alignment and extending the body’s internal and external parameters through breath, touch and giving weight.  
  3. Ground Work: a wide variety of investigations to develop sensorial focus, sensitivity and scope of expression. Providing insights into the body and different sensory modes of experience, including segmentation, isolations, different speeds within the body and notions of time
  4. Image Work: an exploration of how images arise in and around us, and how the body can be danced by these images and by the imagination. Through the construction of precise and varied environments, infinite layers of relationship are explored through the body and the mind.

Who is this for:

This workshop is not just for ‘professional dancers’ or ‘performance practitioners’ but is an open investigation that is relevant for anyone interested in exploring the body and physical presence with any skill level.

Participant Requirements:

Participants are required to provide a short Biography of previous training and/or performance background and experience.

BYO Yoga Mat, water bottle and towel.

Showers are available at COSCS.

Please note: A short section of this workshop will be documented. Please let us know if you would preferred not to be photographed during the session.

Please remember to bring 
  • Warm loose comfortable clothing
  • Notebook and pen
  • Yoga mat
  • Water bottle
  • Any other materials or devices used for personal research

About the artist: 

Victoria is an Australian-born artist working across the performing and visual arts as a dancer, choreographer, director, photographer and filmmaker. 

She currently lives on unceded Bidijigal land, EORA Sydney. Her ancestral affiliations are to Te Arawa, Rongowhaakata, Kahungunu Māori, Irish, English and Finnish. 

Her work is liminal, inter-cultural, inter-disciplinary and reinstates the power of Indigenous creativity within the politics of Rematriation – inserting the body into frameworks of power, for future ancestors, in a reciprocal imagining. Central to this is Whakapapa (kinship/genealogies), Atua Wahine (sacred feminine energies), Body Weather and IndigiQueer revitalization within creation practices. Her work is a gradual binding of intimate collaboration between artists, elders and communities. 

Her award-winning works have been presented in numerous festivals nationally and internationally. Her short film TAKE won the Mana Whenua award at the Wairoa Maori film festival and has screened extensively across six continents. She is a founding member of the Sydney based Body Weather dance company De Quincey Co. since 2000, performing in over 40 productions.


If you have access requirements for attending the show, please tick the access requirements box during the booking process. This includes booking companion card tickets. A Brand X team member will then be in touch to ensure we understand your requirements. If you require an interpreter, please email [email protected] 


Car: Wilson Parking, 14 Wilmot St, Sydney or Meriton Suite Parking, 100 Bathurst St, Sydney.
L2 Light Rail: 2-5 minute walk from light rail platforms
Bus: 5 minute walk from Elizabeth Street, Stand C and D
Train: Town Hall Station 2-minute walk.


Want a building tour around City of Sydney Creative Studios? Come 30 minutes before the session starts and we'll show you our Performance, Music, Digital and Visual arts spaces.  


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