Our first 3 Peer to Peer Artist Training Sessions this year have been a great success. The series of workshops were well received by attendees and trainers.

At Brand X, we are looking forward to continuing with these programs next year. Thank you to all artists and especially to Alexandra Spence ("Field Recording"), Alex Torney (Basics of Lighting for Stage") and Kaillan Clay ("Art Installation, Art Handling and Rigging") for sharing your expertise and knowledge.

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Here are some comments about this year Sessions:

"It was a great opportunity to get an overview of how lighting works for theater, and the basics of creating a design. I also feel more empowered with terminology and the scope of options available when working with a lighting designer in preparation for a show. I was impressed with Alex's depth of knowledge and experience. And he communicated in a way that was both accessible and practical. Thanks, Brand X for providing these kinds of workshops!"

Sarah Toth - "The Basics of lighting for stage" training session attendee

"Best training session ever! It was pitched at the right level for my experience and purposes...I'm a total beginner but I’m sure Alex could have pitched it for any level of experience. Did I mention Alex is amazing? She's so knowledgeable and generous and made everything accessible and fun. After the workshop she sent through comprehensive notes on what we'd learnt. I now have a shopping list of equipment to start my project and a bunch of links to explore. On a personal level, I have a new relationship to everyday sounds. Planes are no longer annoying, but rather material for a project. Alex has really set the bar high for future workshops..."

Aviva - "Field Recording" training session attendee

"I had a great time running the recent field recording workshop for BrandX. It was a rewarding experience for me to share my knowledge with others and see the participants genuinely engaged and eager to learn about field recording. It’s ear-opening to simply stop and listen, and we were all enthralled by the unique sounds we were able to listen to and record via specialist microphones."

Alexandra Spence - " Field Recording" Leading Trainer