An opportunity has arisen for performing artists and community members who are seeking playful development - the Poetry of Nonsense Virtual Clown Lab.
Recognising the demanding creative and financial climate that many of us have had to contend with this year, this remote clown lab will be free to participate and there’s also a stipend to help out with living costs. This was made possible by Create NSW.
Inspired by the teachings of Jacques Lecoq, the lab will be facilitated by Alicia Gonzalez via Zoom with a special focus on The Search for Poetic Disaster. With every human tragedy, there is an opportunity to create a space for clown performance and connection. Together we will learn to listen and respond with the whole body, take bold risks, embrace disaster, and discover joy in the virtual space.
This four-day 
Poetry of Nonsense Virtual Clown Lab is open to improvisers, poets, stand-ups, comedians, circus and theatre performance makers, directors, and devisors from other disciplines, actors, and artists practicing the art of clowning or seeking provocation and growth.
You can apply and submit your interest now, applications close Wednesday 5 August, 12pm.