Jim Junkie: Max Potential premieres at The Flying Nun next week! Drag king fitness icon Jim Junkie (created and performed by Becks Blake) has taken the time to chat with us about what we can expect from this heart-pumping show.

Q. Drag has a beautiful history of holding up a mirror to society in comedic ways that are also confronting. What do you hope the show might reveal to audiences?

I think this will show people that anyone can achieve their goals if they set their mind to it. Everyone has the potential to be their best selves, and with a good vision board and strong meal prep plan, anything is possible.

Q. What is something about Jim Junkie that might surprise audiences?

I’m actually a really sensitive guy. A lot of people wouldn’t think that, but I am. But I won’t let that stop me in achieving my dreams. I have big hopes to open my own gym one day, but first my focus is to win the Lewisham Wellbeing Society Weight Lifting Comp next Friday and Saturday.

If you’ve got a lot of heart and a lot of muscles, you are on your way to success.

Q. Costume and make-up play an important part in telling your story. What has been the process of creating your look?

A lot of guys do like to get dressed up for these weight lifting comps but for me it’s not what’s on the outside but on the inside. If you’ve got a lot of heart and a lot of muscles, you are on your way to success.

Q. What do you hope to see more of in the drag community?

For me drag is an epic workout. I think it’s great that lots of people are finding different exercise workouts for their own fitness journey. I hope to see more and more kings doing their thing and having fun, whilst being their best selves!

Q. What song would Jim lip-sync to when absolutely no one is around? 

That’s a tough one but it would have to be Beautiful by Christina Aguilera.

Tickets are still available to Jim Junkie: Max Potential, Friday 6 May and Saturday 7 May!
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