Brand X are proud to announce the artists selected for our Creative Retail Residency with fresh and innovative prototype concepts to access $2500 in seed-funding to make their idea a reality. Providing an opportunity to push the creative boundary in concept design for both the artist and the audience, this program aims to commission artists to rethink a design application, prototype an object, test it in the market and assess a concept's future potential in more conventional retail platforms.


CUPCO (aka Luke Temby) is a textile artist, animator, screenprinter and skateboarder who honed his craft in Tokyo.


Nikita Majajas

Nikita Majajas has been enamored with the world of graphic and wearable art since living in Japan in the nineties and finding herself smack bang in the middle of a cultural moment. It was the era of the Harajuku DIY street fashion explosion, and Nikita jumped right into the fray, ending up on the pages of Fruits magazine and living a costume-clad club-kid existence at night.

She returned to Sydney Australia to study fashion design, shoemaking, and work as a stylist, later graduating with a distinction with an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design from the Design Centre Enmore in 2007 and is a qualified silver-smith.


Alex Giles and team

Alex Giles is a Writer, Kaleigh Wilkie-Smith a producer, and Kenney Ogilvie an Art Director. Three friends who are passionate not only about solving mysteries but about the audience experience. Working together they have created something groundbreaker that we will be sharing with you real soon.

Previous work:

Lillian Rodrigues-Pang and Deborah Morre

Deborah Moore is a visual artist living on the South Coast of NSW. She is a new and dedicated fully baptised member of the Church of the Clitori. She has previously created Companion Cards for the Evolving Soul, its ebook, and other resources as a solo venture. They are available via

Lillian Rodrigues-Pang is a professional oral storyteller and teaching artist. She has developed and toured solo theatre shows for children and adults nationally and internationally. She is the creator, co-writer and performs as the high priestess in the Church of the Clitori.

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