We came across PARYS X at City of Sydney Creative Studios and were immediately struck by his warm and intriguing character that we just couldn't resist interviewing PARYS X to capture his infectious and inspirational energy. 

Hailing from Perth, PARYS X was on holidays in Sydney when he learnt about City of Sydney Creative Studios through PACT and immediately found himself hooked on the space, spending the rest of his holiday hiring out the control room to create beats and blast out his sweet tunes from the loud speakers.

PARYS X is a musician, artist, and video creator, intent on inspiring people with his passion and good sense of humour. Self professed as 'a strange man living on a strange world existing in a verrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy strange universe', you can check out more of PARYS X and his artwork here

This video was created and filmed by: Raul Andres Vallejo Lopez