Parliament of New South Wales
Joint Select Committee on Sydney's Night Time Economy

Chapter Four - Entertainment after dark contributes to the economy


That Sydney's night time activity contributes to Sydney’s standing as a global city and as a tourist destination, to culture, arts and social activity, employment and the economy. In addition to safety measures, proactive steps should now be taken to encourage and support the growth and innovation in the night time economy.


That the NSW Government investigate ways to support venues to provide entertainment. This should include making it easier for existing venues to do so, by encouraging new small and medium size music and entertainment venues, and the use of empty or under-utilised government spaces as temporary or opt-up arts and entertainment venues.

That the NSW Government allocate funding to promote Sydney’s night-time economy to both a domestic and international audience.

That the NSW Government consider developing regulations to support the night time use of spaces occupied by businesses during the day, with a particular focus on supporting the night time use of the space by creative businesses.

That the NSW Government consider developing regulations to permit unused government buildings to be used as creative art spaces.

That the NSW Government amend the small bar licence to permit licensees to operate a bar with a patron limit of 130, and standard operating hours of operation under the licence to 2.00 am.

Removing any rule of thumb requirement for small bar licences, for example for one security guard per 100 patrons, where a written security plan is in place and the venue is well performed. Should these provisions be required, they should be in the written plan of management for the venue, which is negotiated with NSW Police, rather than the licence or Development Application approval.

For small bar licences, remove high risk licence fees for later trading from these low risk venues.

That the following aspects of the suite of measures known as the 2014 laws be removed at licensed venues in the Sydney CBD precinct including Oxford Street, with appropriate urgency:

• 1.30am lockout

• prohibition on service of certain drinks after midnight, including: shots, drinks containing more than 50% spirits or liqueur, ready to drink beverages with an alcohol by volume content of more than 5%

• cocktails and drinks prepared on premises containing 30 ml or more of sprits or liqueur

• restriction of glass in the late trading period, and

• the 3.00am cessation of service.

That the trading hours for the sale of takeaway alcohol be extended to midnight Monday through to Saturday, and 11pm on Sunday.

That Liquor & Gaming NSW and the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority, incentivise, recognise and reward licensees for ongoing good behaviour. Conversely, Liquor & Gaming

NSW and the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority be able to impose the 2014 law measures for non-compliant venues, if necessary.

That the Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment develop a tool that can complete the assessment of the cumulative impact of high impact venues in a particular neighbourhood through the liquor licencing system.

The Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment should consider amending or expanding the violent venue scheme if alternative measures are required in future.

That the mandated hours of operation of ID scanners in the Kings Cross precinct be reduced to require operation from 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights only. Venues which voluntarily operate ID scanners outside these hours should be offered recognition and incentives (such as subsidies or licensing incentives) for demonstration of model licensee behaviour.