Providing an opportunity to push the creative boundary in concept design for both the artist and the audience, this program aims to commission artists to rethink a design application, prototype an object, test it in the market and assess a concept's future potential in more conventional retail platforms.

The ProtoSHOP by Brand X is a resourced and curated on-line platform to showcase and sell bespoke products created by local visual artists, makers and designers. The Creative Retail Residency program exists to seed-fund artists to develop content for The ProtoSHOP. By commissioning artists to make new products, our intention is to test new ideas to ascertain market appeal and determine its potential in more conventional and mainstream retail platforms.

So if you have a new idea for a retail product and need $2500 to realise it, this is the program for you. Brand X will take the risk with all income generated from sales re-invested into other commissions to realise new prototype products. Our hope is that by encouraging risk-taking you will discover an idea which can be up-scaled and commercialised to sustain your design and/or making practice.

  • Ideas that sit outside of conventional thinking.
  • Prototype concepts with potential market appeal.
  • Value for money in its final retail price.
  • Ethically made.
  • Delivered as a short-run product.
  • $2500 to assist in the making of a single product idea. Artists can use this funding as artist fees and to cover the costs of materials and construction.
  • The artist supplies Brand X with project-specific quantities for sale through its online gift shop. Brand X will promote the object and the associated artist while managing the marketing, sales and shipping to the customer.
  • Brand X will consult with the artist to set the object’s retail price.
  • Brand X will assist the artist in accessing new markets and future retail platforms.
  • All intellectual property remains with the artist.

Applications close June 8th.

For any inquiries please contact [email protected]