The Operations Manager is responsible for the productivity, efficiency and health of Brand X while fortifying our work by supporting the development of comprehensive strategies to sustain growth. Reporting to the Director, the role is responsible for four Managers whose teams operate cultural assets and deliver creative development programs across 4 locations in Sydney. A keen interest in creative practice, cultural infrastructure and sector resilience is desirable as our work aims to impact the equity of access to cultural capital in NSW. Experience working with/for government and/or running a previously successful SME business or large-scale events/festivals is favourable. Key competencies include HR, finance, logistics, compliance and reporting.

About Brand X

Brand X is a not-for-profit registered charity governed by a board of industry peers. It services independent artists with studio space to work and professional development programs focused on resilience and sustainability. It is a uniquely responsive, nimble, and entrepreneurial organisation that aims to address the access to affordable and appropriate space in Sydney for artists to practice their craft. We are committed to forging new opportunities for performing, visual and recording artists by leveraging our relationships with the private and public sectors.

Brand X values include:

  • Grounded: we understand what it takes to create new work and share it with an audience.
  • Entrepreneurial: we understand that creative practice is legitimate work and that for it to be sustainable, it must connect artists to sources of income.
  • Ambitious: we support the independent sector to create experimental and innovative work that has influence and impact.
  • Nimble: we operate an efficient business model and organisational structure that enables us to respond to market conditions and create new opportunities when required.
  • Capacity building: we provide long-term solutions that create stability, offer continuity and position Brand X as a custodian of Sydney’s creative economy.
  • Enabling: we match artists with outcomes. We facilitate results rather than owning or authoring them.

To Apply

Request a Job Description by emailing: james[at]

Applications close 5pm, 24th March 2023

Brand X is an equal opportunity workplace and strongly encourage applications from First Peoples, people of colour and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with disabilities and people from the LGBTQIA+ community.