Please review the following terms and conditions (including Special Terms and Conditions Relating to COVID-19) concerning your hire and use of a Brand X venue or associated program.


Brand X considers the health and safety of its artists, staff, hirers and their guest our highest priority. In response to COVID-19, the Hirer must (and must ensure its agents and invitees (“participants”)): 

  • Stay at home if they are feeling unwell (no cancellation fees will apply for illness).
  • Recommend the wearing of masks in all indoor areas except when exercising or performing.
  • Recommend physical distancing by remaining 1.5 metres apart from others where possible.
  • Coordinate staggered entry and exit times to comply with physical distancing recommendations.
  • Sanitize hands and all surfaces touched (light switches, chairs, sound systems) using the sterilizing products supplied and dispose of all wipes in the bins provided.
  • Do not provide any shared equipment (yoga mats, paper handouts) but encourage all participants to bring their own equipment or access information online via their handheld devices.
  • Minimise indoor socialising before and after the booking (participants are welcome to talk outside).
  • Minimise use of our bathrooms/changeroom by coming to the space prepared/dressed.
  • Do not use our kitchen and utensils - so please bring own water and snacks.
  • If possible, work with the windows open to ensure clean and fresh airflow.
  • Clean the venue at the end of the Hire Time and return the space to its condition prior to use by the Hirer and participants.
  • Contact Brand X if cleaning supplies need to be restocked at [email protected]
  • Follow all instruction that may be given by the Brand X Management or any government authority.
  • Contact [email protected] if the Hirer or a participant suspects they have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. We recommend self-quarantine immediately and seeking medical advice.
  • If the Hirer or a participant needs medical assistance, call the NSW Health Department Helpline on 1300 066 055, or in an emergency, visit the local hospital emergency department (it is recommended that call be made in advance).

A copy of our COVID-19 Safety Plan is located in this venue.

1. Artist Pass Subscription
  1. An Artist Pass is an annual (365 day) subscription to Brand X Productions Incorporated (ABN: 14045697198) starting from the date of the first payment.
  2. An Artist Pass supports Brand X as a not-for-profit organisation and entitles subscribers to subsidised hire for our studios, discounted tickets to our Flying Nun shows and Artist-2-Artist programs, a monthly newsletter, and invitations to our events and launches.
  3. Artist Pass subscribers must identify as a professional (emerging or established) individual performing, recording or visual artist or a recognised arts organisation.
  4. Subscription is non-transferable and receipts will be issued in the name of the subscribed individual or subscribed organisation.
  5. At Brand X’s discretion, fraudulent subscriptions will be deleted from the system with the right of refund waived.
  6. The annual charge for an Artist Pass is $20.00 for individuals and $100 for organisations (including GST) and may incur credit card fees (depending on your payment method).
  7. Subscription will automatically renew on a yearly basis with payment scheduled for one day before the end of the annual term.
  8. Payments are deducted from the debit or credit card provided by the subscriber at subscription using the Stripe payment platform (a PCI DSS compliant platform).
  9. Tax receipts are automatically generated by the Stripe platform to include the name of the subscriber (individual or organisation) only.
  10. Notification of upcoming automatic renewal will be sent out via email 7 days before the scheduled payment date.
  11. If payment is not successful on the due date the Artist Pass subscription will be frozen. Notification of a failed payment will be sent via email.
  12. A Subscriber can opt out of automatic renewal at any time by notifying Brand X.
  13. If a Subscriber has elected to opt out of automatic renewal, notification of expiry of the Artist Pass will be sent via email 7 days before expiry. If the subscription has not been renewed by the expiry date the Artist Pass subscription will be frozen.
  14. If a Subscriber chooses to cancel their subscription (yearly) during the membership term, a refund may be offered at the discretion of Brand X.
2. Grant of licence to use Venue
  1. In consideration of the Hirer paying the Hire Fee, Brand X hereby grants the Hirer a non-exclusive licence to occupy and use the Venue on the Hire Date and for the Hire Time set out in the Schedule or Booking Confirmation Receipt.
  2. The rights granted to the Hirer are in the nature of a non-exclusive licence only and nothing in this Agreement grants the Hirer any right of tenancy or exclusive possession of the Venue or the Building.
3. Payment of Hire Fee, Hourly Rate, Costs and Cancellation
  1. The Hirer must pay the Hire Fee as per terms instructed on the invoice or by confirming payment in the Brand X Booking Calendar.
  2. Brand X will not be obliged to licence the Venue to the Hirer and may licence the use of the Venue to another party if the entire Hire Fee is not paid in accordance with sub-clause 3 (a).
  3. If the Hirer has not paid the balance of the Hire Fee up to 48 hours prior to the Hire Date then the Hirer is deemed to have cancelled its booking.
  4. For hire up to 39 hours, the Hirer must notify Brand X if it wishes to cancel its booking and if the cancellation is:
    1. from 48 hours to 24 hours prior to the Hire Date then half the Hire Fee (minus 3.5% card fees + $0.30 transaction fees + $1 administration fee) is forfeited to Brand X and the balance of the Hire Fee paid by the Hirer will be refunded to the Hirer; or
    2. within 24 hours prior to the Hire Date then the entire Hire Fee is forfeited to Brand X.
  5. For weekly hire (40+ hours or more), the hirer must notify Brand X if it wishes to cancel its booking and if the cancellation is: 
    1. within 1 month to 14 days prior to the Hire Date, half the Hire Fee (minus 3.5% card fees + $0.30 transaction fees + $1 administration fee) is forfeited to Brand X;
    2. within 13 days prior to the Hire Date then the entire Hire Fee is forfeited to Brand X.
    3. cancellations prior to 1 month will incur administration charge of 15%.
  6. All refunds will incur merchant and administration charges (3.5% card fees + $0.30 transaction fees + $1 administration fee).
  7. If the Hirer occupies the Venue prior to or after the Hire Time then Brand X shall be entitled to charge the Hirer, and the Hirer will be liable to pay Brand X, the Hourly Rate Fee set out in the Booking and prorated for any part of an hour that the Hirer may so occupy the Venue.
  8. In addition to payment of the Hire Fee and the Hourly Rate Fee (if applicable), and any other rights that Brand X may have arising from this Agreement, the Hirer must pay to Brand X all costs for any damage to the Venue or the Building or the equipment and facilities located therein, any cleaning and reconfiguration of security devices required because of the use of the Venue by the Hire.
4. Obligations of the Hirer
  1. Must only use the Venue for the Purpose and during the Hire Time set out in the Schedule and not sub-lease, sub-licence or otherwise permit any other party to use the Venue other than the Hirer’s agents, employees, participants and invitees;
  2. Must not sell goods or services, carry on any activity at the Venue which is dangerous, noxious, offensive, illegal, noisy or objectionable, use the Venue as a place of public entertainment or have any live music at the Venue without prior consent;
  3. Must ensure that neither the Hirer, its agents, employees, participants nor its invitees interfere with the use of the Building by any other person and do not enter any parts of the Building except the Venue, bathroom/kitchen facilities and those areas reasonably required to access the Venue and enter and exit the Building;
  4. Must clean the Venue, remove all rubbish from the Venue and the Building attributable to the Hirer’s use and return the Venue to its condition prior to its use by the Hirer;
  5. Must not use, modify or take any equipment belonging to other Hirers that may be stored or placed within the Venue or the Building without first obtaining the consent of Brand X;
  6. Must not bring into the Building or the Venue any heavy equipment or machinery nor attach or affix any nails, screws, adhesive tape, signs or anything to the walls, doors, ceilings and floors of the Venue and the Building without obtaining the written consent of Brand X and, if such consent is given with any conditions, then the Hirer must comply with those conditions;
  7. Must not park any vehicles within or upon any entrance to the Building nor block any doors or entrances/exits to the Venue and the Building;
  8. Must remove all equipment brought by the Hirer into the Venue, make good any damage to the Venue or the Building caused by the removal, ensure that the Venue and the Building are secure upon the Hirer’s departure;
  9. Must not interfere with, affix or alter any emergency exit signs, fire doors, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, lighting, electrical and utilities cables and conduits, sound systems or any equipment or materials located throughout the Venue or the Building;
  10. Is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of all agents, employees, participants and invitees of the Hirer and the loss of any of their property, personal items or equipment;
  11. Pending the nature of the venue, and at Brand X‘s discretion, the Hirer must either engage or be charged for the engagement of a qualified Security Guard if the anticipated participants exceeds 200 people. The Security Guard must be engaged for the entire period of the hire and take direction from Brand X Management throughout the hire. The Security Guard must arrive 30 minutes before the commencement of the hire and report to Management with proof of qualification;
  12. Acknowledges that it must respect the quiet enjoyment of the neighbourhood within which the Building is located and local residents and the quiet enjoyment of the Building that other Hirer’s may enjoy and ensure that all persons leaving the Venue do so in an orderly and quiet fashion;
  13. In consideration of local residents and the agents, employees, participants and invitees of the Hirer, must keep amplified noise to an acceptable and appropriate level and, in any event, at a level no greater than 5 decibels from outside the Building or such other level as Brand X or any Authority may prescribe from time to time;
  14. Must deal with any noise complaint by a neighbour of the Building in a proper and professional manner and adhere to any direction that may be given by any Authority or Brand X Management before, during or at the conclusion of the Hirer’s use of the Venue;
  15. Must maintain a policy of public liability insurance for its use of the Venue with coverage of $20 million per event and supply Brand X with a copy if requested either before or after the Hire Date; and
  16. Must comply with any general Venue use information or reasonable direction provided by Brand X Management to the Hirer at any time.
5. Code of Conduct
The following requirements are minimum standards that must be met when engaging with Brand X facilities, programs and business:

  1. Act with honesty and integrity at all times; 
  2. Treat others with respect and courtesy - rudeness or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the premises/programs;
  3. Comply with all relevant laws applicable in the State of NSW and all Australian laws;
  4. Advocate for and promote the arts sector in Sydney;
  5. Ensure that any and all requirements or directions of Brand X Management are complied with, including any request to leave the premises or to cease engaging with Brand X in breach of this Code of Conduct;
  6. Comply with all relevant policies applicable while working with Brand X, including the venue House Rules and this Agreement;
  7. Ensure all agents, employees, participants and invitees under a booking adhere to the Code and House Rules;
  8. Maintain and protect all property used when on Brand X premises and report any damage to Brand X Management immediately;
  9. Ensure confidentiality and privacy in all dealings with Brand X business if requested;
  10. Represent Brand X positively and support its purpose to ‘make space for artists’ in all activities relating to Brand X;
  11. Represent Brand X values of inclusion and access; and
  12. Any and all communications either electronic, on social media or in person are to follow the requirements of this Code of Conduct. Harassing, vexatious or unreasonable communications to Brand X by any stakeholders (agents, employees, participants and invitees) will not be tolerated. All stakeholders will ensure that any communications are professional and courteous at all times.
6. Bond
  1. As security for performance of the Hirer’s obligations under this agreement, Brand X can require the Hirer to deposit a bond for the amount set out as a Bond in the Booking.
  2. Brand X can deduct from the Bond all monies required to rectify any breach of this Agreement by the Hirer including but not limited to any of the costs referred to in clause 3 (f or g) of this Agreement.
  3. After deduction of all costs Brand X is entitled to deduct from the Bond, the balance (if any) will be refunded to the bank account nominated by the Hirer in the Schedule as soon as practicable following the Hirer’s use of the Venue.
7. Indemnity by Hirer
The Hirer indemnifies Brand X for any injury, costs, loss or damage arising out of the use of the Venue and/or the conduct of the Hirer, its agents, employees, participants and invitees (including legal costs in a solicitor/client basis, damage to the Venue, the Building or the facilities located within the Building and injury, costs, loss or damage arising from failure by the Hirer to comply (or ensure compliance with) the Special Terms and Conditions relating to COVID-19 in Clause A) except where such injury, costs, loss or damage arises by the negligence of Brand X.
8. Provision of services
The Hirer is responsible for providing all production, catering, security and cleaning services required in connection with its hire of the Venue.
9. Risk of Hirer and liability of Brand X
  1. The Hirer occupies the Venue entirely at its own risk.
  2. Brand X shall not be liable to the Hirer or its agents, employees, participants and invitees for any loss of life, personal injury or damage to or loss of property which may be suffered or incurred arising out of the use of the Venue by the Hirer or the conduct of the function for which the Venue is hired, unless caused by reason of an act or omission of Brand X.
  3. In no event shall Brand X be liable for loss of profit or consequential damages in contract, warranty or otherwise to the Hirer arising from cancellation of the booking or otherwise.
10. Termination
  1. Brand X may terminate this Agreement immediately upon giving notice to the Hirer and/or cause the use of the Venue by the Hirer to immediately cease if:
    1. the Hirer breaches any provision of clauses 3, 4, 5 or 6 of this Agreement which are fundamental terms of this Agreement;
    2. the Hirer substantially alters the use for which the Venue is hired without the prior written consent of Brand X;
    3. Brand X becomes aware of conditions under which the Hirer’s use of the Venue could jeopardise public safety or order or involve an unacceptable risk of personal injury or damage to the Venue, the Building or the neighbouring surrounds;
    4. the Hirer or anyone associated with the Hirer makes, in the opinion of Brand X, disparaging or defamatory remarks whether written or oral in regard to Brand X, any member of the Management or Board of Brand X, the Building, stakeholders or the Venue; and
    5. the Hirer must comply with all directives given by Brand X Management and/or any Authority arising from the above circumstances.
11. Force majeure
Performance of this Agreement is contingent upon the ability of Brand X to complete same and Brand X will not be liable to the Hirer for any failure to provide the Venue or utility services to the Venue due to causes which are beyond the reasonable control of Brand X.
12. No Warranty from Brand X
Brand X gives no warranty that the Venue will be suitable for the use for which the Venue is intended to be hired by the Hirer and Brand X will not be liable to the Hirer for any loss suffered by the Hirer as a consequence of the Venue proving not to be adequate for the Hirer’s use and purposes.
13. Law
  1. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales.
  2. The persons entering this Agreement warrant they are authorised to legally bind the respective parties on whose behalf they have entered this Agreement.