We exist as a direct response to an affordability crisis for artists working in Sydney.

As Sydney continues to experience unprecedented development contributing to an affordability crisis for our city, Brand X work with Property Developers and Local Governments to transform their empty spaces into affordable and accessible spaces to work and generate income.

For the past 3 years, independent arts and culture in Sydney has been decimated. Artists have moved interstate, returned to study or reconsidered career trajectories. This is due to changes in funding priorities, cost of living and access to affordable and appropriate creative space to sustain a career in Sydney.

Casualisation of creative labour has become commonplace among the creative sector in Sydney who are prevented from engaging full-time in their creative pursuits due to a shortage of opportunities to work. The under-resourcing of individual artists across Australia has resulted in a distracted and disenfranchised workforce that until a few years ago were prolific producers of independent, self-generated, cutting-edge work.

So getting artists back to work is the most critical action required. We must start now as it will take time for artists to re-find their voice, exercise their craft and re-adjust to a new environment and audience. Ignoring the mid-career creative will deny an experienced and considered voice in this new cultural landscape.

Brand X makes space for Artists in the belief that democratising space will generate opportunity and capacity. Our service exists to encourage a rich diversity of participation across the sector from the understanding of what artists require to make and sustain new work.

Our work engages the public to develop new audiences for artists while our relationships with the private and public sectors continues to solve challenges facing access to space and the productivity of the creative workforce. We give Artists the chance to self-manage and communities a pride of place.