Please make sure you have read the application guidelines for a comprehensive overview:

I’ve been part of Flying Nun before, can I re-apply?

Yes, artists that have participated in our programs in the past are welcome to reapply with new projects, re-developed projects or collaborations. 

Do you have to be a Sydney-based artist to apply?

Artists from across NSW and nationally are welcome to apply. However, non-metro and interstate applicants must be able to demonstrate they can or have a plan to engage Sydney audiences.

When will the residencies happen?

Residencies occur between October 2023 - March 2024, you can select which specific dates suit your project in the application form.

I saw the Emerging Artist Bursary was being offered? What defines an Emerging Artist?

Emerging artists are defined as in the first 5-7 years of their professional practice (at any age, academic or training level). 

Emerging could also be defined as a shift in your creative practice or artform to a new one (eg. contemporary dancer to playwright), or combining practices in a new, multidisciplinary way for you or your team.

It is also possible to define emerging as to where you believe you sit within your current location, industry, peers and networks.

We are applying as a duo or group, but there is only one name as a key artist on the application? Can a group of artists apply?

One lead artist will need to be the key contact for the application. You can apply as a duo, group or independent company. Detail lead artists and collaborators in the application form.

Is Brand X producing my show as part of The Flying Nun development and season?

No, Brand X has a purposefully hands-off approach, so you or your team is driving all producing and technical aspects of your project. The Flying Nun is an artist-driven model of development and presentation, believing the best work gets made when artists have time and space to create. You may wish to self-produce or invite a producer into your team, and you will be required to engage your own technicians.

When are the residency performances scheduled?

If selected your performance will be at 8pm on the Friday and Saturday night directly following your week of rehearsals at ESCAC.

Do I need a Brand X Artist Pass to apply? 

No, you do not need an Artist Pass to apply.

Can I go for additional funding for my project as part of The Flying Nun season if successful?

Yes, you are welcome and we encourage you to apply for local, state or federal funding for the project. Brand X will provide a letter of support for your project, however we will not provide writing or budget feedback on grant applications.

Will Brand X auspice my grant for The Flying Nun Season 8 project is successful?

No, Brand X does not auspice grants for projects.

How installed or flexible does my set or production design need to be?

Your set design must be flexible, moveable and dynamic. Throughout rehearsal and performances artists are required to bump-out at the end of each day, moving all items to a private lockable storage area connected to the rehearsal space. 

Can I use naked flame or smoke/haze in my performance/ in ESCAC? 

Naked flame, smoke or haze of any kind is not allowed in the City of Sydney venues. This includes candles, incense, vapes and cigarettes.

Does the venue have accessible features?

We have created a short instructional video to explain all accessible features at ESCAC:

What is the interview process for the short-list? Is this a creative pitch?

After the applications have been assessed, we will contact the short-listed artists to invite them to an interview (late July). This is not a creative or artistic pitch, but a relaxed chat to discuss logistics, key dates, contracts and get to know each other face-to-face.

What is a hard and soft deadline?

Flexible (hard and soft) deadlines are designed to help remove barriers for artists who may have access requirements that make harsh deadlines difficult. If you would like to take advantage of a flexible deadline you will need to contact Program Coordinator, Ian Sinclair at [email protected]