Application Guidelines are available to download in Word, PDF, and Basic English version (PDF) here.

Apply now for Brand X’s contemporary performance residency – The Flying Nun.

The Flying Nun is a space to embrace risk, inviting artists to explore experimental and innovative concepts and formats to push their own practice and audience experience. 

The program supports new projects in the late stages of development, or existing projects undergoing significant re-development.

Performances will run for approximately 1 hour and include a range of disciplines including theatre, contemporary performance, dance, movement, physical and visual theatre, spoken word, live music and interdisciplinary art.

Applications are now open, closing midnight Thursday 30th May.

Each residency includes:
  • 1 week rehearsal at East Sydney Community Arts Centre (ESCAC)
  • Friday and Saturday night performances at ESCAC after rehearsal week
  • $1,300 artist fee (for solo, group or collective) and $1,300 stipend per project for production costs, amounting to $2,600
  • Approximately 80% of box office takings
  • Brand X production equipment, front of house, and shared marketing responsibilities.

Successful artists may apply for additional support, please indicate in your application if you would like to be considered for:

  • Artists with lived experience of disability may apply for a 2 week rehearsal period at East Sydney Community Arts Centre (ESCAC)
  • Bursary up to $1,500 per project for artists with lived experience of disability to support access requirements.
  • Bursary up to $1,500 per project for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists needing funding to support cultural considerations.
  • Bursary up to $1,000 for projects to increase accessibility for audiences.
  • A professional development workshop on Access in the performing arts.

11 residencies will be supported between October 2023 - March 2024

Come to the Open Venue on Friday 24th May, 5 - 6.30pm to check out the ESCAC space, meet the Brand X team for a chat and ask any questions. 

How it Works

Successful projects receive one week of rehearsal followed by a two-night season at East Sydney Community Arts Centre (ESCAC).

Rehearsal takes place 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. At the end of the week artists will present their work on Friday and Saturday night for a standard ticket price of $25. Shows run for approximately 60 minutes.

Shows will be programmed for 7pm both nights, if the 7pm show sells-out we can discuss the option to add a 9pm show.

Rehearsal week begins with a technical induction and then we hand the venue over to you. Brand X has a hands-off approach, we are a host and facilitator (as opposed to a producer), we believe the best work gets made when artists have time and space to create and can author and control their own project. Everything inside the venue for rehearsal and performance is the artist's domain. 

Brand X shares marketing responsibilities with the artists to sell tickets, we will focus on selling the Flying Nun season, which in turn will help sell your performances, while you will focus on selling your individual show. 

We provide access to our equipment, manage ticketing and front of house, and are there in the background if you need us. 

About the Venue

East Sydney Community and Arts Centre (ESCAC) is located at 34-40 Burton St Darlinghurst 2010. 

Facilities include:

  • Mirrors with curtain cover-up
  • Black-out blinds
  • Sprung floor with 2mm tarkett
  • Flexible staging and seating
  • In house 4 x speaker PA system
  • Accessible toilet with shower and baby change facility
  • WiFi and kitchenette
  • AV Projector with HDMI input and retractable screen 
  • 3x ceiling lighting bars with patch points
  • T/Light Nova 24 channel lighting desk
  • 10x Fresnel, 14x Profile, 6x PAR64 (inc gel holders and 6x PAR64 LED lamps
  • 4/8 channel sounds mixer 
  • 4 channel sound mixer
  • Separate storage space

ESCAC has a standard analogue system and equipment available, including:

  • Static, tungsten lighting rig (as opposed to LED)
  • Pre-set manual lighting desk
  • Analogue audio system

Throughout rehearsal and performances artists are required to bump-out at the end of each day, moving all items to a private lockable storage area connected to the rehearsal space. 

Artists are responsible for securing their own technicians and show operators. Brand X will require artists to have a technician on-board 6 weeks prior to rehearsal week.



17.3m x 9.7m (168 msq)

3.4m to 4m ceiling height

If you have any questions about the venue contact Brand X ESCAC Venue Coordinator Chris Davis at [email protected]

Venue Accessibility Information including an instructional video can be found on our website. Or come along to our  Open Venue on Friday 24th May, 5 - 6.30pm.

What We’re Looking For

The Flying Nun is for contemporary and experimental artists developing new ideas and new approaches to performance. No idea is too out-there, too fresh or too risky to be considered. 

We are looking for new projects that have had creative development, or projects which are undergoing a significant re-development. 

Projects must be in the late stages of development and be ready for an audience at the end of rehearsal week. Although performances may be showing your audience a version of your project that will be developed beyond The Flying Nun, we expect that audiences experience a show, no ‘showings’ or readings will be considered.

The Flying Nun is a creative development program, but you also have to sell tickets! Therefore we are looking for Sydney-based artists who can draw on their existing audience. If you are located outside of Sydney and would like to apply, you will need to demonstrate your capacity to get an audience.

Projects are selected through an Assessment process undertaken by Brand X and a Peer Assessment Panel made up of professional performing arts industry representatives.

The selection criteria includes:
  • How compelling is the artist’s practice?
  • Does the calibre and experience of the artist demonstrate that they have the ability to deliver the project?
  • Does the artist need this opportunity? How important is this opportunity
    for the artist and their community at this time? Can they do this project elsewhere?
  • Does the artist have an existing market or audience for the realised project?
  • Does the artist take risk in their work – how will it stretch artists and audiences alike?
  • The diversity and ecology of artists, projects and communities represented within the overall program.

Additional Support

Brand X is committed to providing a safe space for diversity and accessibility for artists and audiences, artists may request additional support to help realise their project, please indicate in your application if you would like to be considered for additional support.

Projects will be assessed and selected independently of any requests for additional support. Artists invited for interview may be asked to provide further information around their request ahead the interview process. 

On application we may offer:
  • 2 week rehearsal period for selected projects with key creatives who have lived experience of disability and/or neurodiversity and require extra time and space.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bursary up to $1,500 per project for artists needing funds to support cultural considerations.
  • Access bursary up to $1,500 per project for artists with lived experience of disability and/or neurodiversity, to cover costs associated with being involved in the project such as transport or support workers. 
  • Audience Access bursary up to $1,000 per project to offer increased accessibility for audiences. Open to all projects.
  • A professional development workshop on Access in the performing arts.
Who Can Apply?

Applications are open to Sydney-based contemporary performance makers, or artists who can demonstrate they can engage Sydney audiences.

Diverse projects are strongly encouraged to be led by a person or person(s) of lived experience pertinent to the project.

Only one person can apply as the primary contact, please provide any additional key creatives in the Application Form. 

Artists who are currently or previously engaged in Brand X programs are welcome to apply.

How Do I Apply?

We offer a flexible application process, options include: 

  • an online application form
  • A word version of the application form that can be emailed to us
  • interview / oral application
  • video application
  • or get in touch and talk to us about what works for you.

We offer hard and soft deadlines, please contact us before the advertised deadline if you wish to discuss this option.

We are here to speak to you about your application, the program, or if you are unsure if this opportunity is for you.

Key Dates
  • Applications Open: 30th April 2024
  • Open Venue: Friday 24th May, 5 - 6.30pm at ESCAC
  • Applications Close: Midnight, Thursday 30th May
  • Interviews: Early July
  • Outcome Notifications: Week ending 12th July
  • Residency dates: October 2024 - March 2025
  • Marketing collateral due (successful applicants only): Week ending 26th July

If you have any questions about the program or the application process please contact [email protected]

If you would like to speak to someone regarding Access, organise an oral application, or get documents in a different format please contact Access Coordinator Dean Nash at [email protected] or [email protected] or (02) 8029 9068

If you need help to speak or listen:

Contact Brand X through the National Relay Service or NRS.

Phone 1800 555 660


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Photo Credits: Natesha Somasundaram