Now that your booking at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre is confirmed, please familiarise yourself with the following information to prepare yourself (and your team) for use of our the facility. We look forward to hosting you at Brand X.


The East Sydney Community and Arts Centre (ESCAC) is located at 34-40 Burton St (on the corner of Burton and Palmer Streets) in Darlinghurst. Click here for a map. Brand X operates the top floor rehearsal (and performance) space. The basement level is managed by the City of Sydney and is not included in your hire, however you are permitted to use the downstairs toilets.

The ESCAC phone number is: 02 8029 9043
Our email address is: info[at]
Please factor in set up & pack down time into your booked hours so that you can vacate the space on time to not impact incoming users.
Access into ESCAC is through the large glass doors on Burton St. A 4-digit security code will be sent via email within 24 hours of your first booking. Punch this code into the access panel to the right of the front door. Use this code for all of your future bookings at ESCAC and it can be shared with your team and guests. Each time the code is used, our security firm are notified of your entry and checked against the Booking Calendar. Entering the facility outside of your confirmed bookings will result in a visit from a security guard. 
Once inside you will need to walk up the stairs and disarm the alarm by entering your code into the alarm panel (located next to the lift) and pressing OK then OFF. You can then use the same code on the panel to the right of the rehearsal space doors (next to the accessible toilets) to open and enter the space. These doors use a magnet lock, so pull the door towards you once you have entered your code.
Your code will grant you front door access 15 minutes prior to your booking start time so you, your team and your guests can meet in our foyer area. However, access to the rehearsal space is restricted to your actual booking start time.
    ! Do not leave any external doors open without supervision. Security in Darlinghurst is important. Similarly, please ensure the front glass doors are completely closed after leaving the premises.
There is no loading dock at ESCAC and on-street metered parking is limited to 2 hours throughout Darlinghurst. ESCAC is a short walk from major public transport options on Oxford St or Museum Train Station.
ESCAC opening hours are from 8am – 10pm Mon – Wed, 9am – 11pm Thu – Sat & 9am – 8pm Sunday.
If you have specific access requirements you would like to discuss in advance, please feel free to contact us. There are 4 accessible parking spaces directly outside the venue on Burton St. There is an accessible lift and toilet inside the venue too. Click here to watch a video on the accessible features at ESCAC.
Instructions on how to access our free WiFi, please refer to the blackboard on the table in the foyer.
If you need to modify your existing booking, log in using your Artist Pass, go to "My Bookings" and click "Edit". If you need to cancel your booking please be aware of our Cancelation Policy.
Emergencies and Incidents
A First Aid Kit can be found in the kitchen draw as marked. Please report any accidents to a member of staff or if supplies are running low. Ice packs are located inside the freezer of the fridge and heat packs are located on top of the microwave. Please return after use.
ESCAC has fire stairs located at the back left of the rehearsal space, which can be used in addition to the front entrance to evacuate in the event of an emergency.
Ensure you familiarise yourself (and your team) with the Evacuation Diagram (located in the rehearsal space next to the kitchen door) which details the location of the emergency exits, fire stairs and fire equipment.
There is a 2-stage alarm system in the building. The beeping tone indicates an issue in the building but does not require evacuation. A whooping sound indicates evacuation at which point you must exit the building using the fire stairs and assemble on the corner of Palmer and Liverpool Streets. Both alerts come with a spoken word instruction in English.
Please report any accidents & incidents to a member of Brand X staff.
House Rules
Please no vaping or smoking inside. Please refrain from eating or drinking in the rehearsal space, use the kitchen or the foyer instead.
Please clean up after yourself. Cleaning equipment and products are available under the sink or behind the kitchen door. Please inform staff if cleaning products need to be replenished.
Please report any broken or damaged equipment to Brand X staff.
Return the space and any borrowed equipment to its original condition when you leave. This means leaving the space in a clean and tidy condition and leaving all borrowed equipment in the storage space (behind the mirrors).
Our technicians check in-house equipment is working properly but do not operate equipment on your behalf.

Click here for information of your hire terms and conditions.
Click here for information on our Code of Conduct.