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You've got questions, we've got answers! Explore the Frequently Asked Questions we've received since being announced as the operators of City of Sydney Creative Studios.

Who is Brand X?

We’re a nonprofit arts organisation and registered charity who provide affordable work space to Sydney’s creative sector. Since 2005, we’ve operated 17 spaces across Sydney where artists and arts organisations develop new work, participate in our professional development programs and/or operate their creative business from our premises. Read about our past projects.

Who are the faces behind Brand X?

Our team is made up of artists and arts workers whose diverse experience inform our continued and evolving support for the local arts sector. We are connected to the creative process, understand the challenges of sustaining a career in Sydney and encourage an entrepreneur mindset through our professional development programs. Check out our friendly faces.

What is the City of Sydney Creative Studios?

Made possible by the City of Sydney and operated by Brand X, the City of Sydney Creative Studios is a new cultural facility consisting of 30 spaces across the first five storeys of 119 Bathurst Street. Opening in early 2022, it includes rehearsal spaces, recording and editing suites, visual art studios, workshop and screening rooms, office spaces, a cafe and an artist in residence apartment. Discover more about the building.

When will the City of Sydney Creative Studios open?

We are unable to put an exact date on the opening as COVID-19 has disrupted (and continues to disrupt) the national and international equipment supply chain. We anticipate that in the first 3-months of the new year our equipment would have arrived in Sydney and been installed. Once tested, we will invite the artists who have registered on our website in for inspection to discuss your workspace needs. Submit an expression of interest.

How do I get involved?
  1. Submit an expression of interest.
  2. You’ll then be invited to an inspection of the venue closer to its opening date (early 2022).
  3. Then we will notify you when our online calendar is accepting bookings and/or our professional development programs are open for project submissions.
Will you offer residencies or will it be a first in booking system?

There are three ways to access space at the City of Sydney Creative Studios; per hour/week hire, annual tenancy and/or through our Professional Development programs.

Our professional development programs are curated through an open callout in which artists are encouraged to pitch a project to be assessed by a panel of industry peers. The programs cater to performing artists, visual artists, musicians and filmmakers for creative developments, studio residencies, project commissions and peer to peer training programs.

When the City of Sydney Creative Studios open in early 2022, you’ll be able to book a space through our online Bookings Calendar available on the Brand X website. Rates for venue hire are determined by your project’s budget and are designed to subsidise those who are less-likely to afford space with those who can. An annual Artist Pass will give access to subsidies ranging from $17p/h to $42p/h depending on the commercial intent of your activity, ensuring that access is equitable and affordable to all.

If you’re interested in either or both of the above, submit an expression of interest.

What kind of studios are available?

City of Sydney Creative Studios includes:

  • Two large double-height rehearsal spaces with sprung floors and tarkett
  • Five soundproof recording and production studios for musicians
  • Production and editing suites for filmmakers and digital artists
  • Wet-dry creative studios for visual artists
  • An artist in residence apartment with an attached creative studio
  • Administration and meeting spaces, dressing rooms and storage
  • A café in the lobby of the facility

See the floor plans and learn more.

Can I present a show there?

The City of Sydney Creative Studios is not a place of public entertainment. The spaces are exclusively for working and developing – think workshops, rehearsals, classes, creation and office spaces. It’s where performance, visual art, film and music are created before being presented elsewhere.

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What are the professional development programs on offer?

The professional development programs include performing arts creative development residencies; visual art studio residencies and commissions; sound recording and composer incubator program; and peer to peer training programs. Submit an expression of interest.

What credentials do I need to have to access the space?

Brand X exists to support Sydney's Independent Arts Sector. We prioritise emerging and established professional artists working in the performing arts, visual arts, music and film. Our Artist Pass scheme is a loyalty program which gives these artists access to subsidised rate for hire, discounts to our on-demand training programs and cheap tickets to our Flying Nun performances.

Any jobs going?

We will be recruiting for a few new team members towards the end of 2021. If you’re interested in joining the team be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter from our website.

If I don't have a project at the ready can I still register?

In 2022 we will be offering Creative Development residencies where you could be awarded time and space to experiment with new ideas, new forms of making work or developing a team of collaborators. This is a competitive EOI process assessed by an independent panel of industry peers. It exists to invest in the seeding of new projects without the pressure of an outcome. Register your interest.

Will there be funding opportunities for creative ideas?

Our creative development and commission programs offer Artist Stipends (to support production spends) and/or Artist Fees (to pay for artists' time) to invest in the development of new work.

Will you have studios for photoshoots? With like backdrops, lights, props, etc?

The City of Sydney Creative Studios will include a green-screen room for digital video and photographic shoots. However, artists are required to supply their own equipment so we can keep the rates for hire as low as possible. Think affordable = DIY.

Are writers allowed to utilise/apply for the studios in the creative centre?

We would love to have writers in the building and anticipate that the best space for this would be the office spaces located through the City of Sydney Creative Studios. Register your interest.

Is there a gallery space? Can I do a show there?

The City of Sydney Creative Studios is not publicly accessible venue, there is no purpose-built gallery space in the facility. However, we are excited to have a window exhibition space on the ground floor where artwork (including digital) can be displayed for the passing public. This space will be curated by our programs team in the form of commissions. Register your interest.

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